Kurage Crisis


Greetings to everyone.

2018 is a pretty intense year for INFINITY. It is a year that began with the promise of releasing five new sectorial armies and a vast wave of news for Corvus Belli throughout the year. We are keeping the machinery at full steam.

The constant evolution of the background led to the opening of a new chapter in Infinity. The Japanese uprising made it possible to create the book series known as “UPRISING”, products like the “JSA Army Pack”, and the arrival of the Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska. Those are a good example of the constant changes that the Human Sphere is experimenting with.

In the upcoming campaign , Planet Dawn will be the setting of the conflict; specifically the huge northern island of Novvy Cimmeria. A recondite place, almost unexplored and ignored by the great powers until recently, with the discovery of valuable natural resources that allow an immense expansion of land and have created renewed interests in the zone. The constant influx of power among the great human factions finds here a new arena to measure themselves.

All of this, of course, occurs with the Evolved Intelligence’s approval, who is perfectly aware and knows that these childish struggles for trinkets do nothing but weaken an already fragmented, indecisive, and vulnerable civilization.

Without a doubt, this is an opportunity to write fresh new pages of history.

The “JSA Army Pack” boxed set included the “Kurage Station Scenery Pack”, a set of terrain that features a remote base that belonged to Yu Jing that suddenly became the territory of the independent Japanese. This territory is now in the eye of the hurricane.

Right in the center of Novvy Cimmeria, with access to rich veins of Tesseum, witness how aircraft belonging to all factions are landing and settling their beachheads – exactly where the Japanese troops are located.

The “Kurage Crisis” campaign will begin on June 25th. It will be an online campaign created by Corvus Belli and carried out by the “Warconsole” platform from Beasts of War. It will be a four-week-campaign that will be carried out in two different phases.

Phase One: from June 25th to July 9th.
Phase Two: from July 10th to July 23rd.

During these intense days, players can choose to fight for a faction on the different locations of the map, complete a plethora of missions, accurately fill the battle reports to highlight their exploits and see how victories at each location allow them to conquer different areas of the map.

This phase shift will cause variations on the map, different missions will be available, and brand new locations with a fresh new start for all scores.

There is no greater moment of glory for the players of a faction that snatch the dominance of a location from a staunch enemy force. There is no greater humiliation than to lose control of a location that originally wore your colors. Days of excitement, rivalry and fierce competition await us.

And as it’s natural, competition and rivalry sometimes leads us to lose perspective; we must make a call for “Fair Play”. The behavior of the players, the fidelity of their reports, and their maturity in all communication should follow the grace and dignity of honorable ladies and high ranking gentlemen… – in an utopian world, of course.

Corvus Belli will support this campaign with prizes and mention of the honorable players who accomplish greatest of feats and complete their battle reports.

To sum all of thisup: what we have here is a new effort from CB to make the game interesting and feel alive. We want the miniatures to live exciting adventures and bring communities new opportunities to enjoy INFINITY. This is an international and free online event that may allow you to write part of Infinity history.

Enjoy it.

Kind regards.