Kurage Crisis


Hello, Elegant Gentlemen.
It’s me, Carlos from CB. And no… I’m not coming here with the Tunguska profiles and that stuff. Just wait for the 29th, dammit!

I’m here to inform you about the KURAGE CRISIS Campaign.
Ok, so today, around 14:00 UK time / 15:00 Spanish Time / 9:00 USA East Coast time the Warconsole weebsite for the campaign will be public, and everyone will be allowed to register and begin enjoying this FREE online event from CB & BoW.

Some tips that I would like to share with you:

  1. Battle Hardened. You have to register in the site, if you use the same nick and e-mail account as on the previous campaigns you will receive an extra achievement as a Veteran from Flamia & Wotan.
  2. Prize Support. Those Commanders who provide and show excelence in their Batreps, performing and FairPlay during the campaign might win some Infinity goodies as courtesy by CB for those who shine in the darkness.
  3. Balance. More balance between factions. We considered the system a little bit in order to leave no faction off the competition. This time the system balance the massive numbers of the popular faction with the quality of the batreps, the percentage of victory points and the location and scenarios where the battles happen. The max ammount of Batreps that a user can create is 3 per day, the max ammount of unpublished Batreps a user can hold is a total of 5.
  4. Fluff impact. The events and highlights happening during the campaign might be portrayed in the next Infinity book. Always under the straight supervision of Gutier Lusquiños (Infinity creator/writer/showrunner) himself.
  5. Unpredictable Outcome: This is not a plain campaign with just 2 possible endings. This campaign involves 9 factions fighting over 7 locations in 18 different scenarios. The ultimate result of this conflict is not predictable and allows everyone to have space for their epic contributions.

I hope you enjoy this Campaign.
Good luck.