Kurage Crisis


  • Novyy Cimmeria is, since last night, under heavy bombardment on what appears to be just the first week of the conflict.
  • A massive ground assault is currently underway. Ariadna representatives warned that it is just a taste of things to come.
  • Dozens of cruise missiles were fired at multiple targets from the Zan Huo Firebase, including at Kurage Station, now in the hands of the Japanese.
  • More heavy elements are on the way – PanOceania’s Tubarao dropships hailing from PanOc-23 – and they’re primed for action.
  • After a predictable and sober press statement, the Hachib ministers also confirm Haqqislam’s involvement.
  • Concilium diplomatic delegates literally are buying time by delaying any interaction with the next circular jump to planet Dawn.

This is KURAGE CRISIS here on a Panorama’s Special report. With Vince McMahogany

Good evening.
The, now undeniable, military operations to occupy Novyy Cimmeria are well underway. Ariadnan forces have been in action on the ground, and undetermined numbers are on the move. The assault is being supported by an artillery barrage that never seems to cease. The Japanese response was to block naval access to the island. Last night Novyy Cimmeria has once again come under heavy bombardment. Northern part of the island, known for its stunning nature has now been set ablaze. Multiple targets were hit across the entire island. At around 9:00 AM yesterday, several unidentified dropships have landed on the island and the deployment of what experts label as “Non Aligned Units” has begun in what seems to be an undercover contractor agenda.

For more, we connect live to our special correspondent on planet Dawn, Michaela Chang, who is at the moment flying dangerously close to the limits of the Tartary restricted air space. Good evening, M.

Good evening, Vincent.
What seemed to have been a minor diplomatic misunderstanding just some weeks ago has since escalated into what some have described as an absolute disaster of obsolete politics. An undercover old-fashioned war for resources boosted by the recent flames of the Japanese Uprising. Information is unclear at the moment as secrecy of the warring factions and an oppressive media censorship campaign is currently underway. Despite all that, however, our range of drones and aero-cams still manage to keep a constant feed of updates. Here’s what Novyy Cimmeria is up to.


The Hyperpower, the blue giant, has kept an surprisingly low profile in the first couple of days of the conflict. While some experts said that PanO is essentially still confident with diplomacy and prefers a non-direct approach to a possibly hurtful misunderstanding, some sources point at a tactical “radio silence” to avoid being locked in a power struggle similar to what the Hyperpower had experienced during the defence of the Sygtir Cluster at the Wotan Blockade.

”I want to be clear to those who try to oppose to PanOceania: Despite all our challenges, despite all our op tempo, despite everything we’ve been doing. We will stop you and we will beat you harder than you’ve ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that.”

Said Commander WAEnglish in complete disregard of PanOceania’s political line to tone down the conflict.

After a severe aftermath and moral defeat resulting from the recent Japanese Uprising events, many experts predicted that it would take some time for the Jade Empire to catch it’s breath. But if these last days of conflict on planet Dawn have proven anything, is that they were all wrong. If we can extract a meaning from the Imperial Service actions is that they are outraged. We are facing a wounded mother Dragon here. YuánDùn units are pushing every other major army and showing pride after the humiliation suffered earlier this year.

Commander ObviousGray: ”No faction should harbour illusions of achieving military dominance over Novyy Cimmeria. We will never let it happen. Yu Jing is ready to meet those challenges both political and tactical. We have got all the potential needed. We still are the Jade Empire despite of every single despicable move from any rival, we are proud, without a doubt, to restore Yu Jing eternal glory.”



Perhaps in the past the Ariadnan political sphere was too permissive with the presence of other powers beyond their frontiers! But today, what we are seeing is an unusual intensity of Ariadnan forces in Novyy Cimmeria. In the beginning of this week, in just a few hours the Lafayette Forward Airfield was established with a solid defensive line and we are seeing now another show of force by the military units sent from Tartary. The defences of the FOBs established by Nomads and PanO on the island were already tested in a series of lightning fast skirmishes and guerrilla assaults by Ariadnan commanders.

”To be honest I’m a bit surprised by the lack of common sense by all external powers at game here. This is planet Dawn, home of the toughest soldiers of the Human Sphere. If someone thought that is possible to deploy military forces, occupy and conquer sovereign Ariadnan soil without awaking the wolf… well, that only proves that they are ruled by idiots and their actions will have catastrophic consequences.”

extract from Commander Marduck’s speach at the recent public meeting, surrounded by obviously offended O-12 diplomats.



In the heart of the Island, possibly one of the most valuable facilities, remains the Duban Prospecting Site, not even the considerable diplomatic skills of the Haqqislam representatives was enough to avoid the conflict that is engulfing their installations. Accusations of sabotage were made yesterday after some major damage was registered to their heating units. Haqqislam high command is well known for their excellence at diplomacy and military success while always staying away from major conflict, this time it doesn’t seem like that will continue. Duban Storage Area has become a hotspot on Novyy Cimmeria and the Sword of Allah has had to build a strong defense in order to avoid major consequences.

Public statement made this morning by Commander Myomer:

”Evidence collected to date has proven that major powers, even some we considered allies, have direct relation to the attacks suffered by the Duban facilities. If this is true, then the actions of these factions are in direct contravention to every value that the Haqqislam diplomacy stands for. We cannot tolerate any hidden agenda here. We will be ruthless to those who covet and ambition Haqqislam wealth, and once we activate our operatives there is not going back from that.”



Experts point at how establishing a Node Base in Novyy Cimmeria might be a priority for the Nomad Nation and that’s what we’ve seen this week, anyway, it seems that the Nomads are not performing up to what their Bromad Propaganda activists predicate in Maya.
While most of the troops deployed on the island seem Corregidor units, the word on Maya insists about an incoming presence of Tungsukan reinforcements, and that could just mean nothing but a superiority boost on Johnny-5.

Provocative statements were published on the trendiest social media “Spreddr” from a well known nomad hacker: Spitfire the Cat. 

“The stablished Human Sphere order is undergoing a foundational shake up with the Japanese Uprising, the treason plot and the Novyy Cimmeria situation. Nomads can now fight a conventional war on Dawn and win. Nomads is the only faction that will remain relevant forever, we are in game, all other factions are disposable and that includes PanOceania.”



While the unofficial data about a hypothetical Aplekton base on Novyy Cimmeria is far from confirmed, the involvement of ALEPH forces on planet Dawn are a fact. In quite a symmetrical deployment, the new Dakini Tacbots 2.0 have been recorded by our cameras with a special focus on the Johnny-5 Node Base.

“We are committed to act a peace force on Novyy Cimmeria, just reinforcing the Concilium laws and well delimited lines that depict the solid frontiers that keep us in order, together.”

declared a cold, soulless, Commander Alfa037 this morning on a press release sent to all inbox folders, to all media channels in the sphere, simultaneously.



Tohaa units have been reported on Novvy Cimmeria, however solid intelligence and facts are scarce, which seems to confirm the lack of interest the Trigon has for Dawn as a whole. What reports and aerocam footage that has been received and validated show Tohaa activity in the region of Lafayette Forward Airfield.
Truth to be told, in these power struggle situations, the possibility of an alliance is what makes the smaller factions hold actual power in the final outcome.

“We seek nothing but the truth, the common prosperity and absolute dominance over the Combined Army alien races.”

Statement from Commander Engorn extracted from last year’s TohCon.



If the situation with all major human powers in conflict wasn’t enough, Concilium reports confirm actual presence of Alien military activity now on planet Dawn. While it is impossible to know how the Acheron blockade could not avoid this from happening, it’s highly probable
that this unexpected military movements have facilitated somehow the access of infiltrated aliens to a new front.
This is the one thing we didn’t foresee and probably the worst alien related incident since the Wotan blockade.

The following images, could disturb you. Prominent figures of the CA chain of command were recorded by our Aero-Cams in what can only be described as a nightmarish vision on Johnny-5 Kaserne. Experts identify this creature as Commander “Hey Yella”, if that thing can even have a name.



However, it was none of the traditional major powers of the Human Sphere that have really called our attention this week. The situation on Dawn is particularly special due to the unprecedented external military muscle that has been attracted to Novyy Cimmeria.
It feels as though someone has put down an obscene amount of money on an online open contract that has attracted the most ruthless Mercenary Companies.
Our consultants have pointed at the possibility that the japanese KUGE aristocracy may be selling the exploitation rights of both Tesseum and Nissium on Kurage Station in a bold attempt to retain JSA dominance on the Island.

Somehow, the unexpected boost to the Japanese War Economy has made this miracle possible: The infamous Ikari Company, the Druze Bayram security corps and even StarCo are involved in what someone has described as: -”The biggest finger flipping to the face of major factions in recent human sphere history.” Statement attributed to Commander Yasashii Fuyu.

Good luck and good night.


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    “God told me He can get me out of this, but He’s piety sure you’re screwed.”

    – Teutonic Brother Zenon Berg

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    Only that is not what people want to see. That will not gain more subscribers to your channel and mostly important none wants to pay you for it, because it is REALLY scary, that your friendly data processor is a military force now to be reckoned with, but you have no idea how it got this way and how it WILL get!
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