Kurage Crisis



The following report might contain some disturbing information.

[Intense newscast music]

On a cold summer night in Novyy Cimmeria our drones crossed the aerial security borders and this is what we recorded: A minor resource-driven conflict that has now escalated into near uncontrollable, undeclared war, with all elements of the Human Sphere being active participants in the events that are unfolding before our eyes

This is the KURAGE CRISIS, a Panorama Special report. With Vince McMahogany.

Good evening.
Territorial Dominance seems to be the buzzword these days, since the whole conflict on planet Dawn exploded into a potential international crisis and has shown no signs of abating. The major human powers appear to be in a tense situation and are struggling to maintain their control, this is despite what their representatives are declaring on their official media channels.


Since day one the presence of the hyperpower on the island has been questioned as it was perceived as an attempt to impose their huge military might in a minor dispute. After these first tense weeks, PanO effectives have shown a reasonably measured behaviour. No threat to external locations has been shown from the blue faction since their units have almost exclusively defend the PanOc 23 perimeter. Experts declared that this is a fair move by PanO and their new non-involvement protocols. Quite a cold nerve despite the aggressive effectives deployed by the Ariadna nation right over the “Phoenix” Multi-base.

Commander Skullmar: -”Inter-state strategic competition, not Alien threat, is now the primary concern for PanO Human sphere security. We should work towards that main objective and once PanO supremacy is well established, then and only then, under the hyperpower’s leadership we shall overcome any menace the universe can possibly throw at us.”

The notorious Jade Dragon has truly shown their war face during these days not only defending the Zhan Huo firebase successfully against all possible military operations, but also dominating the Kurage underwater sensoring facilities in a surprise hit that earned the respect of our tactical advisors.

-”We are not into this looking for medals, the efforts of the Yu Jing effectives are not conceived as a purchase of ephemeral headlines and buzzfeed. Real eternal glory comes to those with not vanity but pure love for the state-empire and that is what rewards us may it come during this life or beyond that.” Declared Commander JJKonko at the recent Summer “Huā Flower Festival” at Jichângyï, Yutang.

If there has been one unapologetic faction here at Novyy Cimmeria it has been Ariadna. Since the early signs of the conflict developing they were already sending troops and effectiveness as if large scale war was on the rise. Their massive presence at the island has prentented any other primary color who desires the recently discovered natural resources from gaining control of the situation. For a few tense moments they even managed to occupy the PanOc23 Multi-Base, an achievement with no precedent in recent history.

-”An ascending Japanese movement, a bellicose Asiatic giant, a hostile colonial hyperpower, a distrustful corporate driven Caliphate, a threatening anarchist cult, an AI agenda and an Alien invasion all colliding in our backyard and here I am, just myself with an AP HMG in my hands. Heaven is a place on Dawn.” Extract from a vintage radio signal intercepted by our most obsolete equipment, attributed to Commander Kazavon.

The sword of Allah may be remembered in these dramatic days as the faction who kept their diplomatic and negotiation skills as their main weapon above military assets surgical elimination operations. In what now seems to be a solid alliance, Haqqislam have provided support to the Nomad nations in a joint operation on the Johnny-5 Kommstat, they provided the buffer to ALEPH Incursions until Corregidor effectives could be mobilised to resume their duties on the Kommstat.
It’s hard to conclude how this move from the Khadijah administration against ALEPH will unfold and if it will harm Haqqislam’s inter-system trade treaties in the long term, but it’s obvious that the following months are going to be intense at Nawal island.

At an improvised statement through an Arachne chat platform, Commander Terror: -”We can admit that there were vigorous exchanges on the room about the whole J-5 situation but we concluded that some neutral aid was needed in order to avoid the conflict escalation. Haqqislam has true valuable assets on Novyy Cimmeria and cannot allow a childish dispute to step on the way to stability and prosperity.”

The question is still there among several Tunguska brokers: Did the Nomad nation make a wrong move trying to establish a Node Base on Novyy Cimmeria? Can Corregidor actually swallow the whole mess they begin to chew weeks ago? Is this the same unstoppable Nomad army from the Wotan blockade?
After loosing J-5 Kommstat to ALEPH, needing aid from Haqqislam and also have a fragile situation at J-5 Kaserne some hyperpower consultants do not hesitate to conclude that we are seeing an absolute strategic disaster by the once feared “Don Peyote” crowd.

-”You think that this is for Novvy Cimmeria? Wrong, this is another strategic step in the constant front of the data flow across the Human Sphere. And you’ve got the goddamn gall, to keep asking biased questions implying Nomad failure? Let me tell what I want you to do, you dirty AI buttsucking reporter, I want you to write the truth for once, get your comlog, use your weak noodle fingers and describe the REAL situation in spite of whatever angle your superiors command you to tell. How’s that sound?“- Declared Commander RussM while firmly grabbed by one of his assistants in front of a visibly uncomfortable Warcor.

While many official spokespersons continue to deny the presence of Alien units on planet Dawn, unsubstantiated reports point at J-5 Kommstat again, one of the hot spots of the island, as the main location the Combined Army seems to be interested in. Why would the Combined Army be interested in an alternative Node Base seems to be the real question that should worry the intelligence experts.

Maya exploded last night with the leak of some strange aero-cam footage showing what our sources identify as Commander Frenchi861 in what seems to be a cold gunpoint execution of Nomad operatives.

Some conspiracy theorist Virtual-rooms were shut down on Maya months ago when some comments in the vein of “broad brush strokes” of the actual Novyy Cimmeria scenario were hinted at. It’s now undeniable that ALEPH have deployed effectives and are executing an ongoing operation on Nomad J-5 location, there bave been several successful incursions, if we check the timeline of the last days.

The theories of a supposed “War within a war” continue to spread through both Maya and Arachne, strongly suggesting that the Node Bases installed on planet Dawn are part of a bigger picture than the Kurage Crisis.

Former Shukra Consultant Commander Kortz made an official declaration this morning at Maidan, Concilium: -”Any threat to humanity’s common prosperity will be opposed. This is not fighting the conflict on Dawn, this is winning the conflict on Dawn and we will do whatever it takes to actually bring this situation to successful conclusion.”

While the least notable presence in Novyy Cimmeria continues to be the Tohaa Trigon they seemed to face, effectively, against the larger assets of Ariadna. For a brief moment, reports confirm that Lafayette Froward Airfield B-Huts were assaulted by Tohaa forces with extreme coordinated efficiency. Some damage was inflicted to the Ariadnan installations and some valuable assets were, as some Kazaks put it: Tohaa broken.

Commander Alexander Wallach:-”Tension and misunderstanding within our alliance are the traits of the Combined Army. These kind of scenarios, where we distrust each other, are the optimal situation for their infiltration, sabotage and secret objectives. We should not allow any EI interference. We strongly suggest an upgrade on security measures to every possibly obsolete army.”

The still hypothetical auction of Novyy Cimmeria natural resources and exploitation rights from the KUGE aristocracy to numerous Mercenary Companies continues to be the most logical explanation to the impressive and unprecedented deployment of Ikari/Bayram/Starco units in recent weeks. While their efficiency on the ground has been impressive, many advisors suggest that the coordination between these operative elements has been ultimately deficient. Four different armies unexpectedly cooperating, mainly united by a daring economic move conceived by leaders with no real experience in similar theatres seems quite an unstable ground for such an ambitious goal.

Part-time blogger, full-time Operative Commander Coleslaw: -“We might be looking at a war within a war. Natural resources? Japanese secessionism? Sovereign Ariadna soil? Those are just old-fashioned vintage reasons to initiate a weekend skirmish shootout at some chimichanga country. This? this has “Hidden Agenda” written all over it since day one.”