Kurage Crisis


While analysts predicted a period of consolidation after the fierce fighting of the last two weeks, the major powers of the Human Sphere launched a new wave of attacks throughout Novyy Chimmeria – our aerial drones are tracking all the action!

This is KURAGE CRISIS here on a Panorama’s Special report. With Vince McMahogany.

Good evening.
The fires of conflict keep burning on the frozen coastline of Novvy Cimmeria as Dawn-01 Apletok becomes the hotspot of the Infowar and the chain of events keep depicting a concerning scenario for every possible diplomatic solution. Right now, this front is far from being cold.

The recent revelation of Dawn-01 Aplekton’s location on Novvy Cimmeria received a lot of attention on the news networks and made it one of the hotspots of activity, engulfing it immediately in the surrounding conflict. During this time the Maya network dimmed on Novvy Cimmeria for a few days. Official reports speak of a massive hardware failure, while rumors in the dark corners of Maya, talk about elements of the Combined Army capturing the Aplekton for several days, before veteran Paradiso troops from the OS were brought in to secure the base and its surrounding perimeter. The perimeter is now considered secure, but it is far from safe. It has also been rumored that the Combined Army and Ariadna activity has significantly increased along the base.

“Aleph is determined to safeguard humanity’s co prosperity, no threat, alien or otherwise, will stop us from our task, be assured we are here to bring this war to a conclusion and bring order according to Concilium laws”
Commander Bob-03 press release after debriefing of O-12 concerning the ongoing “Kurage Crisis”

Despite the restraint the Big Blue has shown in the last two weeks while safeguarding the perimeter of PanOc 23, PanOceania started the third week of the conflict with a massive assault on Yu Jing territory. They managed to briefly capture and hold the bunker area of Zhàn Huó firebase, while simultaneously keeping the perimeter of PanOc 23 safe from numerous incursions.

In a recent press approach to Commander LouisJoey: -“Make no mistake, PanOceania is committed to withhold the O-12 sovereignty resolution and punish any aggression on Japanese territory. We are determined on this path of action, and after the exemplary capture of Zhàn Huó Bunker complex, we think we’ve shown a measured example of God’s will.”

Yu Jing
The State empire seems to have suffered a setback earlier this week when PanOceanian forces managed to capture and hold Zhàn Huó firebase Bunker complex, thus forcing the Jade Empire to divert most of its forces operating in other theaters to defend its own territory. Despite veteran reserves managing to force PanOceania out, the Big Blue remains a constant threat to Zhàn Huó’s perimeter.

“PanOceania is acting delusional. The State-Empire honors resolutions of the O-12 and the sovereignty of the Japanese state. Kurage Underwater Sensoring Facility has been built and financed by Yu Jing and the Japanese state has never compensated us for its takeover. We are not aggressors, we just aim to take back what is rightfully ours.” Stated Commander Animek refuting accusations of Yu Jing aggression on Kurage station.

It has always been a military doctrine to only fight a conflict on one front at a time , also that the technologically superior will have an advantage over lesser forces. The Ariadnans are showing they do not live by any old axiom: their forces continue to harass all forces on Novvy Cimmiria while defending their assets. With the exception of Yu Jing, where there have been only a few minor clashes. Particularly puzzling to our analysts is the determination and commitment of Ariadnan forces against the Dawn-01 Aplekton base and conspiracy channels on Maya and Arachne have used this to reinforce the rumours of some Ariadnan planet wide search of other “illegal” Aleph Aplekton Nodes.

-“We should clean our boots with those robots. First, because it brings good fortune. Second, because they won’t understand anything else.” Commander Hakuna addressing troops on Lafayette base.

The Haqqislamite faction develops to be the big enigma of the Kurage Crisis. The Sword of Allah has proven formidable these past two weeks- they managed to decisively defend Duban’s perimeter and take control of “Johnny 5” Kommstat from ALEPH’s forces in defense of their Nomads allies, the Haqqisalm faction does not seem to care much for engaging any forces. Instead they concentrate on defending their perimeter.

“This senseless violence has stopped processing and trade. Do not take our lack of aggression as a sign of weakness, make no mistake, we will defend our territory and help our allies, but we do not wish to add fire to a conflict that already costs a lot on cancelled contracts.” Commander Perzan.

While Nomad forces seemed to have problems stabilizing their perimeter in the past two weeks, briefly losing the control of the entire “Johnny 5 node”, the new week saw Tunguska Jurisdictional Command units enforcing the perimeter of “Johnny 5” with brutal efficiency. Such behavior is characteristic for Black Hand forces, rumored to have arrived a week ago, are now visibly deployed “en force” throughout “Johnny 5’s perimeter.

“When you ask me about directive 69 you are somehow insinuating that the Nomad nation could have landed on this piece of dirt without a backup plan against AI Infowar agenda. We’ve come ready for this scenario since day one and that’s what those soul less drones are going to witness for the rest of the conflict: pure Nomad badassery.” Commander Wisekensai interview on Sabbot.

Combined Army
Earlier this week Maya dimmed on Dawn, while official spokespersons spoke of a node failure that needed more than a day of extensive repair to bring it back online. Reports from Arachne speak of a multi-day alien occupation, Aleph representatives accused Nomads of their so called “Bropaganda”, but refused to answer why so many veteran OperationS Subsection troops were deployed on the Dawn-01 Aplekton’s base during the repair period.

“What you see is a supposedly footage from Dawn-01 Aplekton base, leaked on Arachne by Nomad hackers, what you see is what is referred in the footage as Commander Flipswitch leading the assault on Dawn-01”

Another oddity of the Kurage Crisis are the Tohaa Trigon. They seem to be almost exclusively operating on the perimeter of Lafayette base, directly opposing the vastly numerically superior Ariadna forces.
The question nobody can answer is: “why?” Although some conspiracy channels on Maya speak of a feud that stretches back to the remote island of Flamia on Paradiso.

“The nation of Ariadna needs to understand the severity of the Combined Army and strengthen their defenses against the tricks the Evolved Intelligence uses to divide allies”
Statement of Commander Melkiach.

Nomad and Haqqislam analysts believe that the fall of Kurage Underwater Sensoring at the hands of Yu Jing the past week has negatively affected the interests of the new Japanese nation on Novvy Chimmeria, military consultants believe this was caused partially because a significant part of NA2 forces is composed of mercenary companies and partially because of overcommitting on attacking Lafayette forward base. This may give credits to the rumors that the Kuge have bribed, threatened and offered lucrative contracts to the mercenary companies under their command to come back and defend the rest of Kurage station from further incursions.

“While it is a setback, it only strengthened our resolve and belief in the destiny our glorious nation has in Novvy Cimmeria, let Yu Jing false emperor gloat, Kurage station was and will be ours” Commander Barakiel answering warcor questions.

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  • Ulan says:

    People of the Human Sphere, there is only one way to PEACE and PROSPERITY! Unite with YJ!

  • P-Raptor says:

    How well a battle is fought depends on one’s reasons for fighting. Why did other nations join in this conflict? Precious materiel, political agendas, areas of influence, corporate interests, assets… Give me a break. What do we fight for? Survival. Always have. Always will. That’s why we will prevail.

  • Nazroth says:

    #BromadPropaganda is upset to inform it is unable to deny Vince McMahogany’s resoning. This once – #BromadPropaganda endorses the update 😉

  • Sergej Faehrlich says:

    @ ‘the superpower” (intentional refrain from capitalization) stop boasting!… more of our troops are dying from laughing than by actual casualties.

  • Zhizhu says:

    Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it.

    The State Empire is merely attempting to take back what is rightfully ours, and we’ll be successful, just as we were with Zan Huo.

  • Marduck says:

    We shall continue our ambush against any intruder on OUR island.

    “Hardi petits !”

  • Titus says:

    Panoceania will keep its place as the hyperpower!

    We will keep fighting to stop the abuse of Yu Jing.

  • Luisjoey says:


    Father Knight LUISJOEY


  • Hakuna says:

    All I have to add is; #Dawnisaurs.

  • WiseKensai says:

    Nomad badassery? This isn’t even our FINAL FORM!1!!eleventy-one!

    Go Go Nomads! #Order69 #OperationKillerBees

  • B1ackheart says:

    These are great, I can’t wait to see more

  • Yazid says:

    Haqq’Islam peacekeeping forces will be on patrol in the Novvy Cimmeria region. Any interference will be dealt with harshly.

  • copinanaki says:

    Yujing rises strong and forceful ,because they are the only one who stop the madness of JSA traition to multicultural empire state. Stop the conditional free propaganda attacks

  • Del S says:

    We had 68 plans before this one. We got another 351 after this? Yeah, blazing it. Another 917? That’s where we get elite. It’s all in the numbers. Number one: That’s terror.

    You know they say that all armies are created equal, but you look at us and you look at ALEPH and you can see that statement is not true. See, normally if you go one on one with another army, you got a 50/50 chance of winning. But we got genetic freaks and we’re not normal! So you got a 25%, AT BEST, at beat us. Then you add Ariadna to the mix, your chances of winning drastic go down. See the 3 way at Appletown, you got a 33 1/3 chance of winning, but we, we got a 66 and 2/3 chance of winning, because Ariadna KNOWS they can’t beat us and they not even gonna try!

    So ALEPH , you take your 33 1/3 chance, minus our 25% chance and you got an 8 1/3 chance of winning at Aplekton. But then you take our 75% chance of winning, if we was to go one on one, and then add 66 2/3 per cents, we got 141 2/3 chance of winning at Appletown. See, AI, the numbers don’t lie, and they spell disaster for you at Sacrifice. I mean Aplekton.

  • Cazboab says:

    Aleph will stay on dawn *if* we decide to allow it.

  • Minos says:

    ALEPH will stay on Dawn because Humanity as a whole needs its protection. The Aplekton is just one step further to complete total network coverage of the Human Sphere.
    We are the watchers.

  • Romiras says:

    Haqqislam is as usual the single voice of reason in this maddness.

  • Thorongil says:

    Pano gratuitous attack has been pushed. They may try to save face pretending all is fine and forgotten. But the Dragon never does. Their incapability to show any efficiency in offensive action as well as protecting their allies has not been unnoticed. As much as their focus at countering their Asian rivals rather than the alien threat. Yu Jing stands strong and united and is more powerful than ever, ridden of its subversive elements.

  • DaRedOne says:

    Dude, don’t believe what the propaganda says

  • Perzan says:

    I certainly said so.

  • AikasMX says:

    Really there are people that believe we had no plan? Sorry men, we live in space, we always have a plan and, of course, it always has our characteristic “badassery”. We will fight to mantain Dawn out of the corruptive Aleph influence.