Kurage Crisis


  • The Hyperpower under siege. PanOc 23 liberated by Ariadnan Forces?
  • Lafayette forward Airfield under Alien Dominance.
  • ALEPH’s forces pushed to breaking point in maintaining order in Dawn01 Aplekton.
  • The Japanese retaining control of the Kurage Station and thwarting Yu Jing ambitions.

This is KURAGE CRISIS a Panorama Special Report. With Vince McMahogany.

Good evening.
The Novyy Cimmeria conflict reaches into its 4th week in what seems to be the final outcome of an intense power struggle that has kept the Human Sphere mesmerised for weeks. Diplomatic figures from all Human Sphere governments have been officially denying the events that our aerocams have captured which we have shared with you, the people.
After days of analyzing raw footage and cross checking sources, our experts have come to the following depiction of the situation as the most plausible.

It has not been the most successful campaign for the Hyperpower: “The Blue Faction”, has usually been standing head and shoulders above its main rivals in recent confrontations, but they have been constantly and relentlessly harassed by Ariadnan forces. We can be assured that Planet Dawn hasn’t been a pleasant operations ground for PanOceania and the PanOc23 Multibase has received the unwanted attention from Ariandan forces over the last three days. PanOceania forces had even lost control of the Multibase several times during this period of intense struggle, raising questions about their ability to take control of the situation.

Our analysts reported, that these events might carry a deeper impact for key PanOceania military figures and their chain of command.

Commander Slipp: -”We are 100% sure that the Ariadnan forces deployed on Novyy Cimmeria have committed direct infringement of the Concilium Convention. The absolute disrespect of the rules of war! We will prove that to O-12 and we will retaliate against Ariadna for such crimes. The sooner they begin to understand that planet Dawn does not belong only to them, the better they’ll fit in the Human Sphere.

The only faction able to conquer and retain a location in the previous weeks has not been able to follow that successful pattern. After suffering the loss over the ZanHuo Firebase a few days ago, Yu Jing seem to have restored a certain amount of control on their ground. The activity on their area seem to have focused all their efforts in defending themselves from constant PanO attack which might have prevent any further hostility against the Kurage Station.

In a recent statement made by Commander Mclane: -”I’m not here to comment how bad the year has been for Yu Jing, I’m not here to point at the stress that our army has experienced with all the recent events. I’m definitely here to communicate that despite all our challenges Yu Jing remains as one of the primary colors and main decisive forces of the Human Sphere. I’m here to point at all the other major powers and ensure that they wouldn’t even score a single bit of attention in this scenario after going through what Yu Jing has been. We are humanity’s most powerful and resilient belic asset and we shall overcome every single menace the future could possibly throw at us.”

After hours of contacting and analyzing numerous sources, our experts point at a possible “All in” strategy by the Ariadna High Command. The high risk operation lowered their defenses at Lafayette for striking a demolishing blow to the PanOc23 Multibase. We do not know what PanOceanian Forces did to local Ariadnans, what their fury is real.

This is summarized best by a “radio signal” that one of our most outdated piece equipment intercepted. The following words have been heavily remastered for your audio-only pleasure: -”I don’t f***g care if the whole Lafayette airfield collapses over our heads! We’re gonna wipe those blue idiots out of their Multibase even if that’s our final act in this life. We are going to show the whole sphere that they’ve chosen the wrong planet to mess with.” Our voice analysts attribute this bold statement to Commander Dabicho.

The temporarily, yet passionate Ariadnan vulnerability had been noticed by the Tohaa, who took the chance to perform one of the most well coordinated attacks of the recent days. They showed us how to fight with little to no resources at all: no beach-head to speak of, and they managed to actually conquer the most active faction in Novvy Cimmeria. This was so impressive to our strategists, that it leaves to question whether the Tohaa just seized a spontaneous opening in Ariadnan Defence, or if they had planned this strike for a longer time. But this would meant that they would know that Ariadna would make an “All In” move against PanOceania…

The fairly convincing statement of Tohaa Commander Ariez Obann showed, that they are not particularly concerned about it. – ”We are acting opposed to the violence spread by a few confused and obviously manipulated men. There is no other objective for the Tohaa here, than to cut the resources of the most notorious source of conflict on the island. That’s the truth.”

Never defeated and never conquered. If there is a way to perform with a perfect ratio of success, that is the Haqqislam way: a balanced operative protocol mixing diplomacy, military efficiency and low profile strategy that has always worked for them. Never representing a menacing force, always achieving what their high command decides to.
Our experts point at Haqqislam as: -”The most intelligent approach to a scenario where numerous forces in conflict are involved.”

“Our reading on the other factions noticed a huge gap between the political representatives and their military arm. Our approach is much more mature. Our humbleness forbids us to lecture the sphere, but from Khadijah we just say: Let the adults take control, do not allow teenagers to decide the strategy. We simply wish you good luck so you can develop a more thoughtful angle to this kind of situations.” Statement by Commander Husker.

The J-5 NETZKNOTEN has been quite a bastion for a Nomad nation determined to not allow any major interference on their NodeBase agenda. Their independence is the core of the nomad spirit and so they focused their efforts into defending their “home”, especially against ALEPH direct operatives or their allies. Their incursion over at Dawn01 Apletkton delivered the right amount of pressure over ALEPH units, to dissuade them from a continued power struggle. Aleph now also had a nodebase to defend and thus forced the AI to pick it’s fights.

Apparently the Nomads had bigger goals then territorial gains, as stated by Commander Archon on an Arachne Message Board. – ”There are bigger stakes at risk here at Novvy cimmeria than a few natural resources. There’s greater corruption inside the system than off the grid, and once people disconnect themselves from the maya propaganda, the faster they will learn about it.”

The alien presence has been pretty testimonial at planet Dawn. While certain units have been recorded by our cameras, their low activity profile seems to indicate that their interest in Novvy Cimmeria points at low scale incursions more than any major deployment.

Our experts dare to guess an approximate reading, pointing to the achievement of certain key eliminations among the human rank officers than true interest in the dominance of sovereign soil. The presence of creatures like Commander Hedryl seem to confirm that vision.

Conspiracy channels on Maya and Arachne point out that Alien units favor such views and urge for extensive Joint search and destroy operations pointing out to the recent “De Hell Group” incident as proof of the risk of underestimating the Combined Army presence.

The brilliance of ALEPH performance wasn’t overshadowed by the urgent need to secure a new location. In fact, ALEPH has succeeded enough in both defence and attack duties, being able to damage the J-5 Node base and not allowing any external interference in the rise of their Dawn01 Aplekton location.

In a recent interview with our reporters, Commander Emu: -”Once again humanity’s unpredictability comes out and turns a minor issue into an escalated series of aggressions leading to nothing but mayhem. Our common enemies only benefit themselves by spreading misunderstanding and hate among us. ALEPH’s presence in Novvy Cmmeria is just a counter measure to that shady agenda.”

Finally the alliance built by the Japanese Secessionist Army and the Mercenary Companies hired by the KUGE aristocracy has reached a successful point. While certain areas of the Kuarge Station did fell under Yu Jing pressure, the Non Aligned armies were able to defend the common ground and establish a safe bastion despite the heavy damage suffered.

-”Let us mark this day as the first of many to come, as the day were we stood in front of all tyrants and showed them that we are a proud people. That we are strong and that we will be facing them, fearless, forever. This is Japanese sovereign soil from now on and it is up to the JSA to own it.” Propaganda announcement published by Commander MErcurEX on every maya channel and somehow even in the commercial break during the Aristeia! playoffs.

Reports say some spectators still think it was part of a sci-fi flick movie trailer.


Keep connected for an official communicate from Corvus Belli about the final outcome of the campaign.



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    Zhan Huo has totally under our control! That is propaganda under PanO control!! Our FireBase still totally operative and ready to advance to clean the Ariadna’s base of treacherous aliens, and siege the Kurage Station!!

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    But hey, just some random free dude thinking that Aleph did have to struggle to keep their Aplekton. *Cough* Maya Propaganda *Cough* #AlephLies

    Besides, the Combined Army did set foot in Aplekton in numbers and they didn’t even set an alarm about their direct presence on the island. (Heads up O-12) This could mean a lot more, considering that a highly advanced artificial intelligence can harbor interests and thoughts as alien as the aliens themselves. Think about it for a while, think people. You are free to do so. Be free.

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    As of writing, the difference in assets between Yu Jing and JSA is far lower at Kurage than between Yu Jing and Pano at Zhan Huo…

    So the JSA might be proud and proud to be proud… But they still bleed nonetheless, and a day more would have seen them fall.

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