Kurage Crisis



Thank you commanders for another successful Online Campaign, Corvus Belli and the moderation team, hopes you had an enjoyable experience and memorable moments from this campaign, we would like to thank the contributors for their stories, propaganda posters and excellent battle reports, narrative and visually.

Now it is the time of the “AI Historian” to apply its filters to the battle reports, on top of the AI Historian, Corvus Belli and the moderation team have identified fake accounts and reports these will be either downgraded or outright banned from the final scoring, likewise reports we found to be outstanding and engaging will be upgraded.

The final data of the Campaign will be comunicated soon, probably at Gencon, also, there will be prize support for outstanding Commanders.

The warconsole will still be open for more Reports until tomorrow at 9:00 AM UK time

See you in the next one!

Carlos “Bostria” Llauger.


  • S Y lP lH 3 lR says:

    #ThreeTheTohaa..!.. :)..

  • Yazid says:

    Really thought there was another week, not sure how I lost track.

  • Vrax Wolfgang Von Vanguard says:

    Great campaign this year. Darn those filthy Tohaa. #DawnisOurs

  • Hsien says:

    It was my first compain) Thanks to all Yu Jing commanders for their teamwork! We will be the first!! For the Dragon!

  • JoeSmokem says:

    Good show. Until next year, have a good one.

  • Daniel Darko says:

    Thank you. It was a lot of fun.

    Daniel Darko

  • TheSwindler says:

    Happy to get some reports in on during my first campaign, only been playing half a year but certainly the best game I ever played!

  • T.J.E. says:

    This was such a cool event!
    I had so much fun!!!
    Can‘t wait for the next one!
    Claw and Flame!
    For the Dragon!

  • Temudschin says:

    It was my first online campaign and a lot of fun! Thank you CB! 🙂

  • McKaptain says:

    Thank you for an excellent campaign!

  • Thaddius says:


  • Geilt says:

    Thank you Carlos and CB and BOW team 🙂 It was Fun. Also may I ask here when Ramah Task Force will come out (sorry cheeky question) 🙂

  • Michaelhizt says:

    Gracias, buen trabajo!

  • DaRedOne says:

    I’m looking forward to this conclusion. It was a lot more fun this year than last, at least for me.

  • BattleKiwi says:

    Been a fun ride 😀 enjoyed some of the tweaked missions – look forward to trying them out some more in its19 😉

  • Borlois says:

    We did our best camarades! I wish luck to our Ariadna’s friends! You deserve a good position in the campaign!

  • Havocfett says:

    It was pretty rad and I’m glad I had the time to participate. I’m looking forwards to whatever comes next.

  • copinanaki says:

    Nice campign Corvus,we enjoyed a full from yujing 🙂

  • Imkariel says:

    Amazing event !

    a little disapointing i could’nt play more than 2 games (and have the time for 1 battlerepport).

  • Frenchi861 says:

    Thanks for the great campaign.

  • Cabaray says:

    It was indeed a blast! my highlight was that my socks were mentioned in the Weekender 😉 it really got my gaming community going and it was fun strategizing and politiking with my faction. Making it 4 weeks made it less of a slog to keep up the fight. It was exiting and every battle has counted for us. Love to be part of one next year

  • Husker says:

    Amazing Campaign! Celebrate the awesomeness!

  • Abydog says:

    Thanks for the great campaign everyone

  • Sergej Faehrlich says:

    Good things end so quickly…thanks for these amazing 4 weeks and I am excited for a “cleaned up” result.

  • Kiwi Steve says:

    Thanks guys it has been a great campaign

  • Wizardlizard says:

    The lizards will ride again at gen con. A great battle and hard fought. Any month I can use an excuse to ‘have to play Infinity’ is a good one. Thank you all who worked to make it happen.
    Scouts with shotguns… you got dominated by some sword wielding dudes, just sayin.

  • Chainer says:

    tnx for all!!!

  • WiseKensai says:

    Thanks for running the campaign! It’s been great to connect with folks from around the world who share a love of Infinity!

  • Reeves says:

    Thanks for all the work, blood and tears put into this.
    My 1st campaign and certainly not my last. Really enjoyed it.

  • Pixxle says:

    Nice Campaign, see you next year guys !

  • Aprion says:

    My troops are always ready for another scrap. Until next time. *salutes all*

  • Noos says:

    Thank you guys for the campaign 🙂 See you next time space samurais 🙂

  • Minos says:

    Ready for the next campaign!
    ALEPH loves you.
    ALEPH is your BFF.
    ALEPH is better than a girlfriend.
    Trust the computer.

  • P-Raptor says:

    This was truly a great month! Big thanks to everyone involved!

  • JJ.konko says:

    Its been fun if not a little exhausting this year. Each game plus report takes me about 5 hours. So nearly 150 hours this month on gaming. Then add all the forum and command stuff. Haha like a full time job.

  • Gracias por una campaña memorable! Y el próximo año espero poder volver a participar.

  • Melkiach says:

    What an intensive 4 weeks!!! 😀

  • Nomad Reaper says:

    Gracias muchachos/as por una campaña divertida y amena! Buen trabajo CB y BoW!

  • Yasashii Fuyu says:

    Thanks for the campaign, even though NA2 was a bit of a bad idea (that they were all the same faction) it was a fun experience nontheless!

  • Thorongil says:

    And out of RP, a big thanks to everybody involved in the making of this campaign.
    It did fell on a very bad and sad timing for me… But I did manage to schedule two game nonetheless and was happy to participate.

    So I am glad for this campaign, it was fun and good to unwind in writing the two good batrep.

    Captain Hong Long will be back.

  • Graviton says:

    Well done to all involved, thanks CB and BoW, and to all my fellow CA players amongst the fast breeding swarms human filth and artichokes.

  • Thorongil says:

    Funny how Pano gloat at fighting at Zhan Huo when not only it is an utter defeat for them both tactical and strategical, but they also most of the time failed to face the Yu Jing garrison there.

  • Dabicho says:

    Good job on the campaing and thanks for all the effort put. To everybody for every faction, thanks for make us live with a little more passion our game, for let us have fun and for being fair and gentle with everybody.

    Big cheer for all of you, but specially to the Corvus Belli and the Beast of War cast that put the key to make this possible.

    Thanks. 🙂

  • Melchior says:

    Thanks for the moderation and providing us a playground to play with your universe! See you next year!

  • ObviousGray says:

    Good job, everyone.. Man I really hoped to fetch more battle ;(

  • Captain_garro says:

    Thanks for such an excellent event

  • Luisjoey says:

    Wait until gen con! WUSH! heheheheh

    well still stuck at ZH base… anyone could help me out! #DEUSVULT

  • Maranyes says:

    Good job to all commanders!

  • Titus says:

    Looking forward for the next campaign.

  • Alexander Wallach says:

    Thank you to all Commanders! You made a very nice job! Thank you also CB for another wonderfoul world Campaign! See you next year 😀

  • Marduck says:

    EDIT : Nooooooooooooo 😀

    Good job CB and BoW

  • Marduck says:

    MRRF first. As always 😀

  • AikasMX says:

    Thanks for your efforts and see you on the next campaign!