Kurage Crisis


MTDC Destroys an AC Unit. Enemies are slightly inconvenienced.

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Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam

"Um... Sir... Why did you have us set up an AC unit here? You do realize it's about -10C right now."

"Soldier, are you questioning the orders of a Crane?" The imperial agent's silhouette lorded over the guard.

"B-but, sir, I was ju-"

"You see, I'm descended from a place they used to call 'Canada' where it is said people go swimming if the temperature goes higher than -30C. I take great pride in my heritage and will act thusly"

"Sir, I think that might be a bit of an exaggeration."

"Nonsense, sergeant, now if you'll excuse me I have to find my swimming trunks. Eh."

"Can someone spell hypothermia for me?"

"Sorry to interrupt, but sir," everyone's comms cracked with static from the oncoming storm, "It seems some haqqislamite hostiles have set up their own AC unit nearby. They're positioning themselves for an assault".


"Oh, now he wants to warm up," the guard sighed to himself before loading his shotgun.

Non-custom game this time and, honestly, it's been a while so I don't have an exact play-by-play last the previous times. This was my first time running a sectorial in a while, though (for both me and havocfett. I played ISS while he played hassassins. Linkteams are awesome). I decided to run a mostly defensive list with only a ninja and a crane capable of damaging the AC. I figured if I can complete my classified and have someone chip the AC a bit, I'd be mostly good.

This was the table layout. A lot of LoS blocking terrain, but a large line of sight down the middle with both AC2 units exposed. The two objective units to the left and right are the panoplies. I won the roll-off and chose to go first. It was my first time running this mission and figured it would be best to either set up my defenses first or hit the AC2 before he had a chance to set up a more thorough ARO network.

This was the left side of my deployment (sorry about the hazy pics. New phone, not used to it yet). I've got quite a few proxies 'cause it was my first time running this many models on the board. It's always a learning experience in Infinity :D

The pneumarch to the left was my HVT. From the left, there's a kuang shi, rui shi, a hidden deployment ninja KHD TO camo marker, a sophotect proxied by kerr-nau, another kuang shi further back, the blue mini to the front is a kanren with two imetrons as madtraps, a warcor prone on the container proxied by le muet, and a helper bot for the sophotect where I THOUGHT I would put the TR HMG.

And for the right side of my deployment, Xi Zhuang is proxied by that Zhanying agent with the two wormbots as his madtraps. I always wanted to mess with madtraps and figured this would be a good mission to try them out in. From there, the shaolin is another kuang shi, another sophotect helper bot, another kuang shi, a CG pleb lt, a CG with a multi-sniper, the crane rank with a spitfire, the CG with kuang shi control device, a CG FO with a boarding shotgun, and my last kuang shi. My reserve mini was a TR bot that went on top of the building next to Xi Zhuang behind that barrier.

This was the right side (my left) of my opponent's deployment. From the right was a prone farzan minelayer on top of the building (I'm not familiar with HB so I didn't suspect the camo marker down there was a mine. The HVT was played behind the yellow shipping container which is lucky because my classified was to do a WIP-3 roll with a hacker on it. And my ninja KHD was within 8". Lady luck favors me, I suppose.

There was a ghazi behind the blue shipping container and a 5-man ghulam link team on top of the building with leila, an HMG, a hacker, multisniper, and another pleb (maybe an FO. I forget off the top of my head).

This was the left side (my right) of my opponent's deployment. From the left of the photo was a farzan with CoC in camo, an asawira with a spitfire, ghazi, asawira with an AP rifle, a warcor guarding the AC2, and one last asawira with an AP rifle. His reserve model was a fiday with a DA CCW he put near my kanren prone behind some cover.


My kuang-shi run forward and completely fail to discover anyone. I decided to take the objective points I could and have my ninja datascan the HVT. I then have my madtraps go on standby in case of any AD assassination, and move the TR bot forward who successfully discovers, but fails to perforate the enemy farzan CoC. I move the link team forward a little bit, but everyone's behind cover and I don't think I have enough orders to get across the table and destroy the AC2. As a result, I just open the panoplies a few times and get nothing of note (except an EXP CCW for the ninja. Beautiful) and propped the link team behind scenery on the right side overwatching my deployment zone 'cause I was paranoid of AD.

My opponent elects to have his ghazis run forward and chain rifle me to death, but the madtraps put a stop to that (not before he chain rifles my CG FO, though). With the rest of his orders, he moves a couple camo markers forward and has his link team gun down my TR bot and a couple kuang shi. Below are the pictures of my side of the table post-round-1.


With my 2nd order group, I decide to have my garuda walk on havocfett's side of the board by his link team since a couple were standing without cover from the back side. I manage to gun down the HMG, but leila tanks the armor saves and goes prone. With the rest of the 2nd group's orders, I just have the ninja move forward past the immobilized ghazi (who discovers her) and set the garuda on suppressive fire in case the link team ever decides to stand again. I then got too hasty and rushed my link team forward to start smashing the AC2, but got my crane flashpulsed. Thankfully, before that I killed the farzan CoC and fire B5 at BS13 at the Asawira (whom I didn't know was the enemy Lt.)..... and roll a 10, 10, 11, and a 12. All I can then do is reposition myself to await my opponent's retribution.

And that retribution came swiftly. With his asawira spitfire, he manages to burst down my crane (just unconscious, thankfully) and has his doctor revive the ghulam HMG. The link reforms and proceeds to hack and kill my garuda while the farzan minelayer shotguns my ninja from the back. His impersonated fiday moves closer to my AC2, but realizes he cannot do anything without possibly getting immobilized.


Both my anti-material weapons are unconscious, so it comes down to the sophotect. I use my remaining command tokens to move a couple units to refill my first order group and have my sophotect perform her heroic run across the battlefield (6-4 movement is awesome) to revive my crane. The 3 units of the link pile into the AC2 and the crane steps forward prone to begin the mythical smackdown. 4 dice with Martial Arts level 2 giving me DAM19 and critting on 18s. The AC2 proceeds to get utterly clobbered in one order. Mission accomplished. With my remaining orders I shuffle some units around for overwatch and try to have the rui shi gun down the farzan minelayer, but I get shotgunned in the face.

My opponent has an asawira light shotgun most of my linkteam down. He then has the link team stand up, shoot down the last madtrap (I should've had it positioned better) and has the fiday smack the AC2. I thought it'd last a bit longer, but he managed to destroy it in 3 orders. Maybe I'm just unlucky :P After that, though, we call the game because he realizes he cannot pass my score.

End of game we both get 4 points for destroying the AC2 and 1 point for both of our classifieds, but I get two extra points for collecting more items from the panoplies and destroying the AC2 with my datatracker (Mine was the crane and my opponent's was one of the asawiras).

One of the greatest beatdowns in infinity history.

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