Kurage Crisis


Putting the Apes Back in the Zoo

14k Dial-up
VS Combined Army

Stopped the Apes – Cold in their tracks!!!

The Battlefield
Andromeda starts the first bonfire
Andromeda makes sure it is nice and toasty on my side
Agema - last seen alive trying to go face to face with a nasty Yaogat
Hector and the Band ready to say 'Ello
Phoenix and his trusty follower - Machaon's Yudbot - keeping him in the game
Andromeda has to go NWI, after losing a battle.
After Hector says "Ello, he also says "Buh-Bye now..."
Data Tracker Down, GG boyz!

So I won the roll and went first. I successfully inserted Thrasymedes just outside his deployment and he just sat there bother them and consuming his orders for most the game. Andromeda used her extra orders to activate two consoles, ensuring it was warm in my zones. I used a couple of orders to then move up the two Thoraktai, putting them into suppressive fire covering the activated consoles. I then move my link team up, putting Hector in the doorway, the Myrmidons just in cover, and Phoenix staring down the other lane. So ROund One was good. Then on his turn, he took out my Agema SNiper, which meant his MSV 2 sniper and Spitfire Yaogat's had overwatch all to themselves. He moved up his guys, but I managed to catch one of his link team members - also leader, breaking the link. He got his drone bot out and healed him . He moved forward with smoke, spent a couple of orders trying to get THrasy, and positioned himself closer to the consoles. My Turn Two, I managed to get Phoenix knocked down twice, and revived twice by my Yudbot. I also got rid of his Spitfire Yaogat. I tried to get Andromeda around the other side to take something out, but ended up NWI instead. Not as good a turn, but still nothing really dead either. His turn two, he had forgotten to restore the link team, so they are impetuous and now all have to move towards Thrasy. OF course they also have high phys and all manage to smoke-dodge, putting a daisy chain of smoke down that lets them move up unharmed. They open the other gate, and he tried to get the the console. Only then he realised it was not a specialist, and the guy got shot by Hector anyways - again nuking the link. SO he tried to move his Kornak into the building with the last console - but dies to "Hector the Well Endowed" anyways. My turn three, I moved all but Andromeda and Hector out of the center zone and back to the warmth of the heaters. I left Thrasymedes where he was, because he had so efficiently soaked up his orders the whole game. Bottom of turn three, his broken link - again impetuous, once again had to charge towards Thrasy, taking shots from both him and Hector. Time all was said and done, the whole team of impetuous dudes were dead, but Thrasy had gone down too..he will be remembered. He only had Dr Worm and the one Yaogat left, and set down his dice. Fun Game

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14k Dial-up