Kurage Crisis


Operation Tobruk - Unmasking

Admiral JCJF
VS Ariadna

#Connecting to Maya *Hexahedron Secure Net*
//-Sourcing Maya Stream: “Operation Tobruk – Unmasking – Combat Report”
-*WARNING* Stream Interrupted…
*WARNING – THIS BROADCAST HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED INDIGO-DARK BY THE INNER HEXAHEDRON – Rebroadcasting this material without appropriate authority will result in official sanction.*
//-Enter Authorisation: **************
-Authorisation Accepted..
// Mayacast Begins…

Lt Ethan [REDACTED] – Officer In Charge Ad Hoc Task Force PanOc-27D5

Assets Deployed: Nisse Fire Support Officer, Nisse Sniper, Croc Man Hacker, Croc Man Observer, Fusiliers, Acontecimento Minelayers, Auxilia Teams, Machinist, Trauma Doc, Fugazi Remotes
SPECIAL NOTE – The engagement was recorded by WarCor Richard Murkisich and we were assisted by a Krakot Renegade in the employ of the Cerberus Corporation

Primary Objective: Identify and Eliminate the Designated Target

Secondary Objective: Eliminate the Proxies and Control the Identification Databases

We deployed to access the local 'net and identify a Designated Target for elimination on the perimeter of the PanOc-23 Multi Base Op-Center. We detected an Ariadnan force who were attempting to, likewise, identify and eliminate a deisgnated target and Ad Hoc Task Force PanOc-27D5 deployed to prevent this while accomplishing our objectives.

After our Krakot moved up Croc Man Observer Criag [REDACTED] moved up to activate one of the consoles, successfully identifying the far left potential as the actual Designated Target. Nisse Fire Support Officer Wilhelm [REDACTED] (our Data Tracker) then advanced up the field, eliminating one enemy Tankhunter who attempted to intercept him, before eliminating this target. Nisse Sniper Melissa [REDACTED] and WarCor Murkisich then worked together to identify and eliminate two of the enemy infiltrating troopers.

The enemy advanced a number of skirmishers, but between the intervention of the Krakot with its SMG and the accurate Sniper fire of Nisse Melissa all three were killed. The enemy then attempted to engage Nisse Wilhelm with a Spetsnaz, but the enemy trooper struggled to take him out in the woods through suppressive fire. They then advanced a flamethrower armed infiltrator to attempt to engage him, but good luck and skill kept him alive despite their best efforts over an extended series of attacks.

Auxilia Nicholas [REDACTED] advanced to contact with the left hand console and confirmed that another of the potentials was a decoy, after engaging and eliminating the flamethrower armed infiltrator. Croc Man Hacker Anthony [REDACTED] then took out that target from his advanced position where he had pushed up across the table, at some risk. Nisse Wilhelm attempted to take out the Spetsnaz but his luck had run out and he was instantly killed.

The enemy pushed up with their infiltrators, bypassing Sniper Melissa using their camo, activating two of the consoles and killing our two decoys. However moving across to the other console was more difficult, after taking out Auxilia Nicholas they were confronted by Sniper Melissa and both were taken out.

Auxilia Alicia [REDACTED] then pushed across the table, identifying and eliminating several mines to punch through into the enemy line and hit their light infantry. Exchanging her AuxBot for one of the Chain Rifle armed infantry she was able to kill four of their line infantry and the remaining light specialists.

Nisse Wilhelm was killed and his cube has been returned to Svalarheima for resurrection. Auxilia Nicholas and Acontecimento Minelayer Alexa [REDACTED] were wounded. Two AuxBot remotes and both Fugazi were damaged in this engagement and have been returned to the workshop.

//- …Mayacast Ends
– Access recorded: LOG 7429C-21
*WARNING – THIS BROADCAST HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED INDIGO-DARK BY THE INNER HEXAHEDRON – Rebroadcasting this material without appropriate authority will result in official sanction.*
*Hexahedron Secure Net* #Disconnecting…

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