Kurage Crisis


Operation Tobruk - Supplies

Admiral JCJF
VS Yu Jing

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Lt Ethan [REDACTED] – Officer In Charge Ad Hoc Task Force PanOc-27D5

Assets Deployed: Nisse Fire Support Officer, Nisse Sniper, Croc Man Hacker, Croc Man Observer, Fusiliers, Acontecimento Minelayers, Auxilia Teams, Machinist, Trauma Doc, Fugazi Remotes
SPECIAL NOTE – The engagement was recorded by WarCor Richard Murkisich and we were assisted by a Krakot Renegade in the employ of the Cerberus Corporation

Primary Objective: Capture the Supply Cashes

Secondary Objective: Destroy a Target Building

We deployed to secure a supply dump on the perimeter of the PanOc-23 Multi Base Op-Center. We detected a Yu Jing force who were attempting to intercept the supply and Ad Hoc Task Force PanOc-27D5 deployed to engage them.

We had the operational initiative, but the enemy had a strong defensive position and observed our dispositions as we advanced.

The Nisse Sniper Melissa [REDACTED] and Nisse Fire Support Officer Daniel [REDACTED] also engaged and eliminated the enemy skirmishers, who were pushed out of position by the advance of the Krakot across the field. This allowed our two Croc Men to come out of Hidden deployment and withdraw with the supplies.

The enemy had deployed a number of Camo troopers and had several impetuous slave-soldiers who were the victim of our Krakot and Nisse Sniper Meliassa working together. The Krakot drew the impetuous troopers out into the open where they could be eliminated by the accurate fire of the Nisse. In response the enemy advanced with their infiltrating Heavy Infantry and attempted to engage Nisse Daniel, who successfully dodged out of LoF and the HI was wounded by a mine and then killed by a Heavy Flamethrower hit when it attempted to press the attack. Their Ninja, however, did deploy and successfully withdraw with the supplies from the remaining cashe.

In response we pushed up with our Krakot, but it went down to Chain Rifle fire from the political prisoners. The rest of the phase of the battle was spent pushing up Nisse Daniel to engage and eliminate the Ninja with HMG fire, but this was all that could be accomplished beyond slightly improving our defensive position.

With little left to operate offensively the Yu Jing forces gunned down Nisse Daniel with their TO Heavy Infantry before pushing up the field to attempt to break into our defenses. However a lucky hit from our Fugazi prevented the attack from being pressed just as he reached our lines.

After Nisse Melissa picked off the HI we were able to push up an Auxilia in an attempt to secure the remaining supplies, but this effort failed in the face of the Combi Fire of the surviving Yu Jing infantry, but with little remaining to attack with this drew the battle to a close.

Nisse Daniel was killed and his Cube has been returned to Svalarheima for resurrection. Auxilia Andy [REDACTED] was wounded and is recovering in the PanOc-23 Medical Facility. One AuxBot and one Fugazi were damaged and have been returned to the workshop.

//- …Mayacast Ends
– Access recorded: LOG 7429C-19
*WARNING – THIS BROADCAST HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED INDIGO-DARK BY THE INNER HEXAHEDRON – Rebroadcasting this material without appropriate authority will result in official sanction.*
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