Kurage Crisis


Not so invincible Achilles enters Airfiled

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From the close new base forces of inferrior AI started their attak on our airbase. Led by the notorious Achilles enemy AI forces started their diployment with great success, placing three antennas succesifully. Enemy commander siezed initiative and combat have started. We could not have anticipated such agression and Achilles went unnoticed through our right flank. He was able to attack first triad that consisted of sukeul, kaeltar and makaul unit. After quik firefight our forces have lost two of our soldiers, and only expirience and advanced training let the sukeul commando servive the encounter. From the forwad position enemy robot with the heavy machine gun tried to start his attack, but he was met with the unexpected shot from the clipsos sniper.
That sniper soon became the hero of this battle. DIfferent enemy operatives tried to kill him, blind him, but with support of the sniper unit of gao-rael he maneged to score six kills, and survive the the first enemy assault.
After first assault we were able to counterattack. Sukeul servived and entered sniper triad after loss of his comrades. First of two mercenaries from dire enemy forces lunched himself impetiocly on to Achiless and died from his suppresive fire but wounded the enemy hero. It was anough for Sukeul to finish the enemy with the heavy machine gun.
Kotail mobile unit went on to attack, he was succesiful going through senter front line killing two enemy operative, but after he became too careless and tried to kill enemy leteunant, who was able to kill our specialist with ease. After the deva letenaunt also killed our clipsos sniper but it was hard for them as there were few tactical options left.
Our second assault sealed the outcome of enemy unprovoked attack, we took the target cargo and took it back to our positions, once againe our clipsos forward observer with the help of our second tried and some eclipse granades. That was great day and great victory, we managed to kill enemy hero, but we will remember their letenaunt, that showed us, courage of the man-machines.

Forces of Tohaa prepearing for defence

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