Kurage Crisis


Rise of Robots


starting console......
please wait.......

Welcome to the neoterrain high command network:

- Login: Alukath
- Password: ************

verification started.......
........identification:.............. Alukath, ...... Colonel
.................Securtity Level Access:............. red B

Welcome commander Alukath, choose datafiles to go on......

--- /summarys

..... This directory is secured...
please enter verification code level violette842: 657%=bzR34§
....... access granted....

--- open data: engdeck001.batrep

+++Battle summary+++
--- Missioncode: ENGINEERING DECK ---

High Command of Neoterra,

we had an unknown intruder alert in our facility, so our automatic drone defensive system (ADDS) rises to punish the
hostile forces. Once locate, the enemy was the aleph forces which we dealed at the ariadna base before. Seems they would like to steal
the prototyp...

Our ADDS takes the initiative and pushes forward like the real steel phalanx should be and gets in position. One of our Bulleteer Dronbots taked out some Thorakitai
but gets down after some critical hits. One Clipper Dronbot was destroyed by the try to shoot down one Thorakitai with special weapon.

The enemy counterattack was slowly by moving forward and getting one console. Our forces take no further damages.

Now the trap snaps. The enemys are now close enough for our Sat-Lock attacks, so our Pathfinder Dronebots did there jobs with EVO_Dron support. Once the
Aleph scums are targeted, the remaining Clipper Dronbot starts to work by firing smart missiles into and vanished them groupwise from our base.

Aleph Troopers running into cover knowing that there mission was failed...

The last actions from our ADDS was to get two consoles and went into the room with our datatracking Machinist. One enemy Trooper was datascaned as the last
actions on the field.

No one will take over this place...

Alukath, Colonel

+++Close file+++

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