Kurage Crisis


Quadrant Capture

VS Nomads

The missile launcher has earned the highest respect and is to become a general. He started the battle against the Tungunska Nomads with a bang. The Tengunska attempted to attack to no avail as the missile launcher proceeded to critically hit all units who attempted attack, including spectres. Next the Two quadrant consoles were captured between the Ryuken Unit-9 and Yuriko Oda. Then as the Karakuri approached the capture the third domain, they were attacked by the puppets of a puppeteer, who retook the quadrant console. To their surprise a Ninja appeared. Despite being unsuccessful in her attempt to capture the console, she still dominated the quadrant and took down one of the puppets. Shinobu skillfully took down enemy units controlling the console. In turn, she was taken down by another enemy unit as well as Tokusetsu Eisei, attempting to come revive her. Despite this unfortunate event JSA was still successful in the capture of this area dominating three quadrants and controlling two consoles. With this victory we will continue to fight.

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