Kurage Crisis


Encounter with Ariadna on the PanO Base

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VS Ariadna

As we approached the PanO base we crossed paths with the US Ariadna. Apparently, they disagreed the JSA High Command and were also raiding the PanO base. Unfortunately, they decided to fight us as we had similar objectives, guess they don’t intend on teaming up with anyone. There was a team of three on the top of the field. A Keisotsu was took cover at the doors, a Kempetai was on the roof with a Keisotsu missile launcher and one of our Yaozao. Sadly, the missile launcher was taken out quickly as he tried to shoot a missile at the group of 3 on the roof. The Karakuri took an antenna, unfortunately, that would not last. A pesky foxtrot captured it later as the unconscious Karakuri laid next to it. Our string of misfortune continued as Yuriko Oda and the Eisei were knocked out. The ninja came out, and stood her ground well. To our misfortune it was not enough. She was eventually was knocked unconscious while give the US Ariadna more trouble than they anticipated. In the end we did not succeed in facing them, as small battles are not a strength of the JSA. We will get our revenge for this act and if they get into any trouble in the future JSA will not bother bailing them out.

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