Kurage Crisis


Kurage Gateway

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VS Haqqislam

Battle Report: Kurage Station Gateway

25, May 2018

On this night a team from Haqq came into the state to attempt to capture a delegate at the Kurage Station Gateway. The Keisotsu with a missile launcher missed. Soon after a sniper took down one of our knocked him out as he was reloading. As the Haqq army remained behind their cover, the Karakuri courageously took control of two gates. Soon after Saito attempted to take hold of a third with a smoke dodge. Unfortunately, a sniper saw through the cloud of smoke and shot Saito. The Druze then attacked the Karakuri and took her down. Hope was not lost as a ninja was hidden in that same spot and succeeded in getting vengeance against the 2 Druze taking them down. With the assistance of Oyama and a second Karakuri. In this time the Haqq army captured two gates and attempted to overtake the third. However, fortune smiled upon us and we are able to reclaim the gate. Before either JSA or Haqq could were able to gain access to the delegate, the Haqq army withdrew. In the end it was a draw, both Haqq and us activated information from two gates. We will continue to fight in maintaining our hold on Kurage Station.

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