Kurage Crisis


Combat Exercises at Kurage

VS PanOceania

For this battle JSA engaged in a joint military exercise with PanO. We began with missiles and successfully hit the sniper. Standing instead of going prone was a grave mistake for the Nisse. The other casualty during this round was a fusilier. Eliminating any imminent threats, we proceeded to capture two consoles. When it came time for PanO to make a move they began by deploying a drop troop on the ground near a Karakuri. Luckily, this troop was unable to surprise the Karakuri as a gun fight unfolded. Unfortunately, the Karakuri went unconscious. Next the father night was bold enough to capture a console for the moment. We then retaliated with the missile launcher taking out the drop troop taking revenge for the Karakuri, even if it’s a wargame. Then Yuriko Oda revived the Karakuri. Next a Kamau came out and knocked out the missile launcher. A swiss guard also proceeded to knock out Yuriko Oda. Next, the father knight rushed in a took the central beacon. No matter what it seemed we did not doubt our ability to take it back. Shinobu, lying in wait took the opportunity to take him out. Shinobu kitsune made two critical hits with the monofilament and took the father knight out as the Killer Hacker Ninja took the central beacon. All strikes are directed at Shinobu Kitsune, who, moving with the grace of a butterfly, could not be struck. Shikami decided to add insult to injury as he took an enemy console previously taken by the father knight. They could not hit Shikami as he proceeded to fire a single rubber bullet to the PanO lieutenant, lucky guess. The PanO lieutenant was knocked unconscious. A paramedic who failed to realize PanO had no consoles attempted to take the central beacon, her embarrassment was ended with a nano-pulsar shot. Although PanO dominated the center, we were victorious.

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