Kurage Crisis


Wargames Part 2 in PanO Territory

VS PanOceania

This time we took part in fighting PanO on their own territory. It was a grave start with the Keisotsu missile launcher knocked out. PanO then proceed to drop a troop and capture one of the two antennas. Then they proceeded to go under suppressive fire. The first move made by JSA was a brave Karakuri. She went out bravely into the suppressive fire. She took two shots and proceeded to go dogged. Before being knocked out of the battle completely she took one of the antennas. Then Yuriko Oda proceed to take out the drop troop and taking PanO’s antenna. The proceeded as a Keisotsu with a combi rifle took out a fusilier from a distance. Luck was in our favour. PanO’s next move was to knock out the Keisotsu. They also attempted revive a fusilier, who ended up knocked out of the battle by their own paramedic. The ninja attempted to take out the swiss guard. Sadly, she did not succeed before being knocked out herself, however, it was not in vein. The Swiss guard did take one wound. The Karakuri then tried to take the center tech coffin and was knocked unconscious as she was knocked out. During the next phase of the battle a PanO fusilier attempted to coup de grace the Karakuri, however, Shinobu Kitsune was there instantly at the Karakuri’s defense. The was much to the surprise of the fusilier who entered close combat with Shinobu Kitsune. The fusilier was shot and knocked unconscious by friendly fire, an attempt to knock out Shinobu Kitsune. The Swiss Guard then tried again, this time he succeeded in knocking out Shinobu Kitsune. PanO then came into contact with one of the bases and also took the tech coffin. Then a fortuitous turn of events occurred. The Yozao valiantly revived the Karakuri in base to base contact with the tech coffin. The Shikami then proceeded to rampage through the board. First he took out the father night and the Swiss guard soon after. Once he was in base to base contact with our already captured console. He proceeded to take out all PanO troops in contact with the data coffin and was left unharmed by an oncoming bullet. In the end JSA was victorious leaving only an Ork Lieutenant and a Nisse as the only ones left conscious.

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