Kurage Crisis


JSA pushed back at Zhan Huo

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Yu Jing


This was a rather short game. Janek (JSA) wanted to field an O Yoroi for the first time, while Maciek (ISS) is starting to get better at controlling the ISS 15 order lists.

Battlefield - JSA on the bottom, ISS on Top
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JSA deployment 1 - O Yoroi, Keisotsu, Ryuken
JSA deployment 2 - Karakuri Domaru link
ISS horde
ISS horde 2

JSA turn 1

So, not using an Oniwaban for the first time, Janek starts the turn with the FD2deployed Ryuken crawling on the blue guardhouse not to be seen by the YJ TR hmg bot. Then the Ryuken shoots from cover at a Zhanjing ML who makes the save and goes prone.

Motoko fires at the ML

The rest of the turn is a Rambo maneouvre with the OYoroi - he goes along the right flank, gets a wound from the TR bot, but destroys it and then fires at a Kuangshi and a CG but fails to kill them even with his AP HMG. He puts his CrazyKoalas in Standyby and moves a little bit back.
Keisotsu link and Karakuri Domaru link reposition. At the end of the turn, both the OYoroi and the Ryuken go into SF.

O Yoroi takes a shot.
Oyoroi and Ryuken just before the SF

Yu Jing turn 1

2 Kuang Shis decide not to move and spend orders. 1 gets hugged by the 2 Crazy Koalas and dies. The fourth one goes limp with the biolocator, and te Sophotect heals him for the Experimental Drug classified objective.

Koalas just before the action

A ninja emerges near the left Panoply.

Ninja goes for the AC2

The ninja runs almost unopposed due to bad positioning but gets discovered by a Karakuri. She dodges a mine and proceeds to score 3!!! wounds on the AC2 with it's DA CCW.

Second CG, Crane (MVP) with his CG link approaches near the centerline. He spots two Karakuri and murders them with his B5 Spitfire.

Crane no baka
Badly placed Karakuri pay the price

The Crane kills the Ryuken with one order, despite the ODD, SF and Cover modifiers O_o'. He continues and fires the Oyoroi from over 24". He gets a wound from the AP HMG but kills the Oyoroi with the next order O_o.

JSA turn 2

Huge mistakes = a price had to be paid. The O-yoroi is down and the Karakuri link is useless + the AC2 is damaged.
Keisotsu link and the Kempeitai LT (CoC after the TAG went down). move forward and us the ML to explode two CG and Gui Feng.

Keisotsu chaaaarge

Afterwords Yuriko shoots down the Ninja near the AC2 and proceeds to move towards the O Yoroi to repair it. Keisotsu ML climbs the yellow boxes and shoots at the lone Crane.
Crane, must have studied with Knauf before becasue he scores a critical hit killing the Keisotsu ML, despite 2 hits.
Yuriko repairs o Yoroi, but there are no more orders left to put it into Sf.

Whole JSA force in a tough spot

Yu Jing turn 2

Easy to win situation and Maciek (ISS) seizes the opportunity. Kuangshis move towards the Oyoroi. Znahjing ML stands up and shoots a ML at the OYoroi, which survives, but Yuriko dies in the blast. Zhanjing is hit by the AP HMG but survives. He blows up the Oyoroi with the next order, killing all sources capable of damaging YJ's AC2.
We decide to stop the game.

Yu Jing 7 points - 3 + 3 + 1 (Experimental Drug)
JSA 1 point - (Test Run).

Almost done

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