Kurage Crisis


Skirmishing with Mercenaries

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VS Yu Jing

Game Two of getting back into Infinity and I chose another vanilla list with a few tricks and Tarik again.

My opponent chose to go first and so I took what I thought was the better deployment area and had him deploy first. What came next I did not really expect but should have done better research!

Turn 1 – The Druze were able to advance up the field with their incredibly strong link-team with Scarface and Cordelia flanking; I was not able to ARO effectively as I deployed prone with a few units. They very effectively pinned Tarik and the HRL Muyib; was able to get a shot or two off with the Djanbazan before it died. The highlight of the turn, after an agonizing decision was when the TO camo Tuareg managed to possess the enemy TAG before it too died but, Scarface managed to take out a significant amount of his forces before I ran out of orders.

Turn 2 – Scarface remained a threat so had to be dealt with immediately but he was able to secure the middle of the table and take out the muyib and Tarik even with the missile launcher Remote down; the final blow came when the Asawira died to a critical attempting to flip some points around by activating a console.

Turn 3 – Unfortunately the Druze offensive proved too much and the Haqqislam force was forced to retreat from the area.

Until next time mercenaries…

Conclusions: this was a much closer battle than the complete and utter objective loss. Possessing Scarface was incredibly powerful and helped considerably. Had the Asawira not been taken out by a critical during his attempt to grab the console things might have been a lot different, but that’s all a part of the complexity and awesomeness that is Infinity!

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