Kurage Crisis


Überfall at Aplekton

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Daniel Darko

Aplekton – Aleph Base on Novyy Chimera – Construction Work in progress

Target: Three Supplie-Packages, currently stored in vehicles

Nomad Mission 69 – Lt. Sanquez 2nd Chance after his failed defense Mission on the Netzknoten

The smoke-spending Jaguar was deployed on the right side (coverd by Teucer) and the smoke-needing Intruder was placed on the left, but there he could easily take out two Myrmidons – wich stand on a rooftop on the other side, feeling save.

The Intruder was prone on a container with the LoF to two Myrmidons. He starts his job with a full HMG-Burst towards the Myrmidon Officer. Both Myrmidons were lightly surprised by the sudden attack and failed their dodges, but the Officer was downed. The Intruder continued his attacks, but the lone Myrmdion with Chain Rifle managed to dodge several times or shrugged of the shoots, but finally he goes to ground too.

On the other side, Ms. Adora Belle (Wildcat HRL) finds herself face to face with Mr. Teucer. A good portion of space seperates the two but they could clearly see each other. A smile covers her face as she takes aim and squeezes the trigger of her rocket launcher – two of her rocktes hit home. Teucer and two of the Thorakitai were engulfed in a fireball, one could jump away but Teucer and one of the fireteam were burnt. Half a meter near Ms. Belle the projektile oft he Feuerbach produces a little crater in the ground.

In the midfield, the Moran moves quickly to the ladder and to the lifter-vehicle. He needed a while until he found the hidden box and graps it. Behind him, the Alguaciles moved in a defensive postion and finaly the Bandio sneaks past the small vehicel to put down a E-Mauler.

With four down – Aleph makes a quick calculation and send in a Ekdromoi to mob up some Nomads.
The Zayin Rebot tries a salvo on the Transductor Zond and ends up with his system flashed and was temporary out of order. So the AD Soldier peeks around a corner and easily takes out the Transductor. Detecting a further thread, he jumps up the wall and send a burst into the Jaguar, who, out of a reflex, spit a cloud of hot shrapnel onto the Ekdro and so both end up on the ground.

Phönix – yes the bearded, rocket launching one – throws two smoke grenades to cover the advance of the Thorakitai, the first accidently rolled into a gully and the second has a malefunction, so he decided to take care of the Moran. After a quick exchange of shoots – nothing happend (a koala triggerd and exploded near Phönix, but he takes no damage from the divice). Thrasmedis dares to peek around the corner and sends some rockets the Nomad-Rocket Launcher, but the Wildcat sends a couple of rockets back and he goes down, unconcious and burnt.

The Bandido sneaks toward the gab in the fench and deployed a 2nd E-Mauler. Then he coupe de graced Tharsymedes not before collecting the SMG from him. After that, he tried something heroic:
He peeks around the corner and pumped a blast into the Thorakitai Paramedic and the Zayin. After the rounds from the HMG and load of the Paramedic´s Chain Rifle, the Bandit end up very dead (to his luck, but who knows, what Ms Balboa had done to him, if she found out, what he did with Thrasy) but one Thorakitai and the two netrods were also destroyed.

The Alguaciles advanced quickly to the limousine but the Paramedic could not open the compartment.

The Intruder climped up the ladder of the container and opens up on Phönix who shoot back, but sufferd a wound and decided to leave the Intruder targetless. This oppurtunity was used by the Moran who quickly went to savety on the back of the building. On the right flank – a Tomcat appears and tried to shoot down the Lamedh but was hit by the Flashpulse instead – luckily he avoids teh effect. He then tried to shot down the Thorakitai but ends up flashed agian – this time stunned. After that he managed to get total cover behind the container. On the other flank Intruder and Moran begun to lay down suppressiv fire.

Alephs forces were badly beaten, but not shatterd yet. Phönix lobs a smoke grenade onto the Algua team, leaving them blind. The Thorakitai Paramedic managed not only to bring his comrade up to his feet, but to sneaks up to the car, stealed the supplies and vanished around the corner. The daring reporter on Alephs side walks over to the Tomcat Doc and involves him into a intimate interview.

This leaves the Alguas to do the dirty work - not before the Intruder puts Phönix out of order. Suzy let her HMG free and damaged the Zayin Remote. Mr. Jonson (the blonde) takes over and went after the Thorakitai, shooted down the box carrier but gets struck by chain rifle. Finally Suzy shots the last Thora down. Our Paramedic went over to the small car and tried to open it but fails again, blinded by the flash oft he Lamedh. Now the Daktari comes in action. She runs over the field and her Zond darted toward the wounded Alguacile – but in the haste, she chooses the wrong cocktail and the Algua died. Anger rises in her and she runs over to the small car were a flash pulses past her, missing by merely centimeters … she than managed to open the car, grabed the box and vanshied panting into a corner of the building.
Aleph forces were mainly out of order and with the chain of commad broken they started a retread protocol.

09:01 for the Nomads (Holding two Boxes, Aleph none, both manged to fullfill a classified).
246 to 45 remaining troop points

I hope you enjoyed my battle ;-)

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