Kurage Crisis


Why is it called Operation "Steel Wall"?

VS Yu Jing

In order to participate in the Operation "Steel Wall", I gathered a little team to strike and harm the Yu-Jing installations to hamper their bombing on the new independant Japanese territory at Novvy Cimmeria.
I decided to stick to the name of the operation and bring a wall of steel in the form of a Jotum TAG from the 3rd Battalion of Armoured Cuirassiers and a Cutter that I piloted my self just for this time. This would be the last mission for the TAG so it was easy to convince some people to let me pilot this little wonder again. My days in the Naval Chasseurs were a bit long behind me but things like that aren't easy to forget.

As we arrived on site, we encountered an Imperial Service patrol. They dispatched as we were arriving so I had an opportunity to set in place a little trap. I deployed on the right flank that appeared defenseless to the ennemy and set the rest of the team in the center. I finished the trap with the Jotum on the left. This way, the ennemy would have hard time to move through the field. Of course, the little size of our force would mean something was hidden but the proper question was "Where?".
The plan was to ambush them then oblige to act while still on the wrecked part of the area, where IS troops aren't known for their particular skills in mountain terrain.

The team
The security team

OOC: my opponent decided to go for Intelcom while I decided to keep the classified objective.

As we were waiting, they decided to take the initiative. The Hsien began by taking down one the Fugazis and went back to cover. Then the FT moved. They sent the HRL bearer forward in an attempt to probe any ambush but only the patient hunter gets the prey. So I let the HRL come, then a Mad Trap and the Zhanying. But when the Wu-Ming with the grenade launcher passed through, I revealed my position to take a shot on him. Rockets were shot toward me and one of them damaged my shoulder while burning my active camouflage. But the explosive round took my target out in her run. We had two firefights again with no further damage for my TAG. Pinned down there, the ennemy felt out of option and Major Lunah tried to use her marksman skills to take me out. This was her end as the Jotum and my Cutter hit her with our explosive rounds. The HRL tried another shot to me but her hit the tough part of the armour. The Zhanying used this to get in position to triangulate my position and have a better aim with his breaker Combi rifle. The only thing he met was an explosive round. Out of option, the HRL tried two more shots before going prone. The first time, I was to fast for her and wounded her. The last time, she damaged my TAG again and I went back for cover.

The ennemy was exhausted, it was time to strike! I retreated toward my Machinist in order to preserv my TAG. The Jotum ran, killed the HRL and the SMG Wu-Mings. Then, the Crabbot dismounted and tried to lock the console but failed. He mounted back after a second try but failed again. The Jotum found a barricade to get cover. Then we set up in suppressive fire.

"#350290, #402006, #90709 show me your will to serve the Emperor! Go! Go! Go!"
Wu-Ming HRL's HUD during the first firefight between her and the Cutter
The Yu-Jing patrol at the end of their momentum.

The link now reduced to one prisonner, the ennemy leader decided to try something against the Jotum. But forced to face the toughest TAG of the Sphere while fighting on a wrecked area is a hard work. And the Hsien, while his armor never failed him againts the heavy AP rounds the MULTI HMG of the Jotum was firing at him, the unstable terrain proved to be more dangerous. After some tries, the Hsien skided and wounded himself on the left shoulder. Then he tried again and at the second try, skided again and the helmet didn't put up the impact. To add to this misery, the armor failed for the first time againts the rounds of the Jotum. There was nothing to recover. The little video had been a meme around the Armoured Cavalry units during all the Kurage Crisis and the Jotum's pilot had of hard effort to recover from the laugh of what had just happened.
The CSU showed up then but didn't penetrate the armour.

As we were on a dominant position, we just locked as much consoles as we could. The Jotum moved forward to the console in order to protect the Regular and took position between the CSU and the farthest console. It was damaged by the Nanopulser of the CSU. Then our FO Regular moved and locked one console. The Machinist did the same with the other on our side. Lastly, I moved to the position of the Machinist and killed the last Wu-Ming. The Machinist repaired the shoulder of my Cutter.

The CSU tried a "Death of Glory" move: she rushed toward the Jotum, avoiding the heavy flamethrower and reaching contact only to meet the giant iron fist of the Juggernaut and stay down.
The Sophotect tried similary move, setting the Machinist inconscious but dying by my shot.

We had a bit of time to securise the most we could. So the Crabbot of the Jotum locked its nearest console on the second try. I succeeded to lock the last one with my Crabbot at the first try. Then, the Regular FO designated a VIP who was around so our drones could kill him once in range.
Our window for the operation was closing so we packed up the wounded and left the field to the terrorised Warcor Yu-Jing had with its patrol.

The battlefield at the end of the fight (the Wu-Ming HRL is dead and the surviving Warcor is outside on the left).

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