Kurage Crisis


Justice Delivered With Large Caliber Munitions

VS Haqqislam

The Crew!

And through the magic of poor/lazy story writing, everyone lived!!!


Jax took a moment to savor the fresh air and the wind rustling through her hair. The new shiny black synth-skin hat covered most of her torso had been put in by the best military doctors in the Haqqislam army and it didn’t even itch. It seems that once they realized what had happened, the Bourak government was eager to show they had had no part in the misadventures on Novvy Crimmeria, and had provided top rate medical care as a sign of their sincerity to the Nomad soldiers in the Johnny-5 Node base. They had even offered to tincture it to match he skin color, but she refused. She kind of liked it this way.
“HA HA HA, D3F1N1T3LY N0 S1GN 0F SALAD1N 1N TH3 BU1LD1NGS AH3AD HAHAHA” came Baba’s flashed report. Jax grinned and didn’t even bother to chide the Heckler for his antics. That report could mean only one thing, they had finally caught up with their quarry.

Tunguska Deployment

The Haris made 1 move before I remembered to take the picture.

Tunguska Turn 1

I have a haris link on each side and opt to start with the Hollowman Haris. They do a double move around the corner. The spitfire hollowman advances again and gets the LSG biker twin in LoS. I blaze away and she smokes! Luckily I beat her 4 times and she is wiped from the table.

The Hollowman Haris continues to impress! Especially because they are ACTUALLY a 3 man core.

I advance them again and the assault hacker opens up the box. On another order, the hacker picks up the box and scurries back to her buddies.

The Assault Hacker hasn't failed to open a crate all campaign! Go Kimber!

On my 5th order, the multirifle hollowman goes prone and pokes out. His Dr. Bot dodges to engage and his engineer shoots with the LSG. I double chain colt both and they both go down. I even pass the armor save on the Hollowman!

I LOVE that they all get chain colts! So versatile!

Next I resign myself to the inevitable and have my Hollowman haris advance. As I spend the first order, his Fidday appears and drops a mine. I push my luck and the Haris advances again. The mine goes off and the Fidday fires. The Puppet Master tanks the mine but is killed by the LSG. The Haris does get close enough that his AL Hawwa assault hacker shoots my Marksman puppet. The BSG puppet responds by blowing away the Al Hawwa before all three puppets are isolated. Womp Womp. 2 orders left. My Kriza uses a coordinated order and runs towards the Fidday. The Heckler runs into the building while my EVO bot runs for shelter and the middle Transductor gains better cover. With my next order the Kriza vaults the stairs and advances just enough to look over the top at the FIdday. He LSG’s and I triple tap with a heavy pistol. I beat him twice and the Fidday is blown to bits! I use my Lt. and put her into cyber mask. I fail the first roll but use a command token to get it on the second order.

Albina heroically rushes in to save Jax from yet ANOTHER Fidday. Jax swoons.

Haqqislam Turn 1

He got hit pretty hard, he is down 3 regular orders and down an impetuous, so he starts with 5 regular orders. For his impetuous phase, his remaining bike zooms forward. The Kriza is able to draw LoS to the bike and he dodges smoke. I land a crit and the biker goes dogged!

Kriza the sentry, nothing gets past her!

His Tag starts sprinting from my left flank to my right flank. I manage to get 3 unopposed Kriza shots during this charge and miss all three on 2 20’s and a 19. Womp womp. On his way there, he blasts away my multirifle Hollowman.

Was hoping to shoot him out of cover with AP shots, but the dice weren't with me this time.

His Tag pokes around to see my spitfire Hollowman. He opens up in his neutral range and I shoot in my good. He hits twice but I pass an armor save and scurry back into the building.

I actually pass an armor save on my heavy infantry! What a novel experience!

Unfortunately this is exactly what he wanted! He now has my Hacker Hollowman in his sights! He unloads again, once again in his neutral range band. I am in my good range band and return fire. He crits and hits twice! Luckily I tank BOTH armor saves and duck into a second door! Aha

Three in one day?! What madness is this!

He is weary of getting his Tag too close to my assault Hacker when I have an EVO bot, so he brings on his secret weapon! A Hakim with BSG! He walks on out of LoS. He moves to see the spitfire Hollowman. He shoots, I shoot my breaker pistol! He scores a hit, but armor saves me. On his last order of the turn, the Hakim moves up to see both doors and unloads on both! My assault hacker Hollowman crits the Hakim and the spitfire Hollowman loses the F2F but passes armor! Go Hollowmen! With that he runs out of orders and it is off to me!

He only had one order left, and tried to kill two hollowbirds with one stone. Unfortunately, just this one time fortune did NOT favor the brave and the Hakim was blown to bits!

Tunguska Turn 2

After the butt kicking my opponent gave me last game I want to really drop the hammer here. Know what is good for hammer dropping? Tags! My assault hacker moves through the building to get the Tag in range and uses total control! He beats me in the F2F, but I use a command token and beat him on a 12! He rolls… 10 and a 13, we check the power on total control… the Tag is mine! I use my first possessed Tag order to crawl the Tag up on a rocky spur and get the Zeyaden in LoS on the roof. I shoot AP shots and the Zeyaden is blown to bits!

Heeeeeeeeere's Maggie!

Next, I full order jump the Tag to the roof (this must have looked awesome IRL). I can JUST see Saladin’s base and I dump 4 shock shots into him. He dodges, but I beat him twice. He rolls low and Saladin is a distant memory!

"Saladin, for your crimes, I sentence you to BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP"- Jax

As far as I can see, he is down to a single model on the table. I suddenly realize that if he is in retreat but some how kills the Hollowman it will be a tie. My Interventor scurries up the field and tries to open the left data box, I flub the roll and don’t have enough orders to open up the box AND pick up the pack. Instead, I have the Kriza just step on the Fidday’s neck. Technically the Fidday should have been full on killed by shock, we both forgot, but the Spitfire Hollowman could have just as easily stepped on the Hakim’s neck, so it was a wash. With the Tag still possessed during the order count, he has a single irregular order. With no options he shakes my hand, victory Nomads!!!


Kimber was very proud of herself, very proud indeed. She had CLEVERLY lured the scorpion tag to her location and managed to duck inside the building at the last second, merely losing an arm in the gambit. What was more, she had managed to wrest control of the Tag from the pilot and she had BARELY needed help from the ship based hackers. She was SUCH a totally AMAZING hacker. Peering through the now familiar vision slots of the scorpion tag, she clambered on top of a rock trying to see the cornered Saladin. “Nope, you aren’t Saladin” she said to herself as the Tag’s main weapon obliterated the cowering medic. “Need to get higher…” She said panning around with the Tag’s cameras. “Perfect!”. The 8 tonne Tag hunched lower to the ground, and then, with a mighty heave, seemed to defy gravity as it lurched through the air to land with a resounding thud on the building above Kimber’s own android body. “uh oh” Kimber through to herself as she noticed the motes of dust coming from the ceiling above and heard the groaning masonry. “Better make this quick, would you like the honors Jax?”
Jax opened the linked program and through her digitally enhanced vision was suddenly brought face to face with the cowering Saladin as he tried to hide on the roof from the Tag perched above it. Jax had been waiting for this moment since the assignment of hunting down the rogue Alpeh agent had been assigned to her, and she had a special program in mind for exactly this moment. The virus easily penetrated the view screen on Saladin’s HUD and his vision was replaced by a smiling animated paper clip with big eyes surfing on a piece of lined paper. The paper clip waved enthusiastically and a speech bubble appeared next to it, “Hello there [Saladin], we see you are about to be executed for crimes against the sovereign Nomad Nation! Would you like help with, A) dying like a coward huddling on a roof, or B), dying with even less dignity as you try to run?”
The recreation scowled at the Tag and dove off the roof. The paper clip posted another speech bubble, “I see you have selected the former!” just as the Tag’s main weapons reduced the great leader Saladin into a fine red mist of gore and viscera.

Closing Remarks

Thats the last report! This was an awesome campaign! Thanks to CB for putting it on, and a big thanks to the Nomad team, especially Nazroth for the awesome community. I would also like to give a HUGE shout out to all my opponents, especially Husker, Reyvah and the floopdroopsby. Thanks a tonne you three for putting up with me! Can't wait till next year!

PS, If people like these reports, I might occasionally report future games in the same style, I actually came to quite like doing them, but maybe just at a slower clip ;)

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  • Kiwi Steve says:

    Great work

  • FrKn Zenon Berg says:

    Heh, backyard Infinity for the win! It looks like someone is enjoying the narrative aspect of the game – well done. Thanks for taking the time and effort to write this up!

    – Father Knight Zenon Berg

  • VicBanjo says:

    I think you can’t position that way Maggy, it has to have the whole base in the floor. Everything gets messy when Maggy gets possessed. Good report.