Kurage Crisis


Tasaka Strategic Consulting - Ghost Hunt, JSA vs ISS

VS Yu Jing

[Preliminary attachment]
Situation Analaysis, compiled by Chunin Mariko Gozen
Assault on IS Antennae Relay
Yu Jing-held Kurage, outside the ROC defensive perimeter

Intel was recently gathered by field elements operated by Tasaka Strategic Consulting, indicating that a Transmission Relay had been constructed by the Yu Jing forces laying siege to the Region Operations Command perimeter. This relay was believed [91% probability] to govern all tight-beam communications between Yu Jing field command the combat units currently assault our defensive perimeter.

Though tapping this communication hub would be of little immediate benefit, due to the sophistication of Yu Jing communications encrypts, Tasaka Strategic Consulting did devise an alternate strategy. By uploading jamming protocols directly into the communication relay, it is anticipated that Yu Jing field communications in the region could be disrupted by as long as 14 minutes.

Such a window of confusion would allow for a series of coordinated counter-attacks all along our defensive perimeter, taking maximum advantage of the lack of Yu Jing coordination.

Tasaka Strategic Consulting volunteered field assets for this mission, as part of their ongoing field contract with Japanese High Command. The proposal was reviewed and confirmed, as per their standard fee. Enclosed is the debriefing and battlefield telemetry from the subsequent assault.

[Secondary Attachment]
After Action Report, compiled by Jonin Commander Kagemaru, Tasaka Strategic Consulting
Assault on IS Antennae Relay
Yu Jing-held Kurage, outside the ROC defensive perimeter

Because this assault was intended to provide a strategic window for a coordinated attack all across the ROC defensive perimeter, we knew it would take time for the Non-Aligned Army Coalition to get troops in place to exploit the opening.

We used this strategic window to conduct a full forward infiltration of the site in question, including our Ryuken-9 liaisons and a number of crisis resolution operatives from the Tasaka Clan. Our preliminary strategy was to initiate the assault as silently as possible, eliminating as many of the IS operatives as possible before they could coordinate a counter-attack. Once they were aware of our presence, we had a rifleteam on standby to press home the attack and secure the objective itself. Attached are a number of drone images detailing the combat itself, supplemented with my own commentary as I directed the engagement.

Because this transmitter was constructed in territory previously occupied by the Coalition of Non-Aligned Armies, we had extremely detailed operational knowledge of the topography. The transmitter was build just outside the exterior wall of a former power relay facility, which had been the site of a last stand by a number of Japanese Forces during the fall of the Sensor Facility. Also in the area were a number of worker hab blocks and equipment storage facilities. Imperial service forces were primarily deployed to the North. We approached from the South.
Since we had time to thoroughly scout and plan this op, we had time to activate a number of stealth elements and bring them into play.
The IS unit defending the site, dubbed the Yurei no Shiro [designation: White Ghosts], were using a number of surgically lobotomized prisoners of war [Kuang Shi] for labor and perimeter defense. The IS force was led by a Senior Imperial Service Agent [designation: Hsien]
Our primary concern was a small fireteam of Bao, led by an Imperial Agent [Designation: Pheasant] on overwatch from the rooftop of a former barracks. This fireteam was receiving medical and technical support from an ALEPH Lhost. Their vantage provided them with an ideal position for dominant fire support, and thus finding a way to neutralize that rooftop was of critical importance.
Our Ryuken-9 operatives were able to work their way forward, laying a perimeter minefield to help absorb the initial IS response.
Ryuken-9 Operative Reiko Moruhito near the antennae itself. Her work in this forward position would be critical to the success of the operation.
The assault was initiated by Chunin [Redacted]. At tremendous personal risk, he infiltrated the barracks rooftop being used as a firebase by the Bao operatives.
Before the IS could raise the alarm, he succeeded in neutralizing the ALEPH Lhost, two Bao, and the Celestial Guard operative who was coordinating the actions of the Kuang Shi. The value of this assault cannot be overstated. It was paramount to the success of this operation.
With Kuang Shi control disrupted, they lost all battlefield discipline. Operative Moruhito was able to capitalize on this momentary berserk confusion. Post-battlefield telemetry indicates she dispatched four of them in the opening 13 seconds of the engagement as they all broke cover and attempted to assault her position. She was even able to wound the Hsien leading the hostile force before she was wounded.
The strong initial assault by our infiltration team cleared the way for our fireteam, whose assignment was to secure the antennae itself. They encountered heavy resistance from the Hsien, the Pheasant, and two Corporate Security Units under contract to IS.
Despite suffering casualties to 40% of her squad, Operative Karemara Yuji ultimately succeeded in freezing the armor system of the Hsien, and incapacitating him before he could kill himself. He was apprehended on site, and is currently in custody of Tasaka Strategic Consulting, undergoing interrogation.
Operative Karemara and Specialist Morohito were able to secure the antennae and upload the jamming protocol at the appointed time, allowing for mission success.
All due honor should be given to the Ryuken-9, who maintained perimeter security while the operation was being concluded, and covered our withdrawal back to the ROC defensive perimeter.
Tasaka Strategic Consulting: On standby, ready for next operation.

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