Kurage Crisis


Counter-Infiltration and Force Annihilation

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VS Haqqislam

DAWN-01 Aplekton Base, 02:37 Regional Time


Commanding Officer: Functionary_056_"Ciara"
Report Author: Asura_038_"Origa"
Current Status: Operational

Begin Report

Deployment. Posthuman Mk.2 proxy is located at the highlighted point.
Opfor deployment.

Turn 1, 02:37 - 02:40 Regional Time

02:37 - Visual contact with the enemy established.
02:37 - Mission briefing initiated.
02:37 - Mission briefing concluded - eliminate all opfor. High priority target in possession of datapacket should be eliminated.
02:38 - AI beacon deployment began. Beacon 2 was destroyed approximately 47.2 meters from my standing position.
02:38 - An unidentified allied unit moved around my cover.
02:38 - Unidentified unit fired 2 high-fragmentation boarding shotgun shells at .2 meters. Nanological point-defense system successfully disabled the unit. First shell successfully penetrated subdermal weave soft point in left thigh, second shell impacted upper torso. I had sustained significant subsystem damage, and required my pain receptors to be inhibited. Fragmentation shrapnel disabled Yudbot-01 and Dakini-02.

Two boarding shotgun blasts from the Fiday puts the Asura into NWI and both remotes into 2 levels of Unconscious. The Asura's nanopulser puts him unconscious.

02:38 - Aerial drop occurred on the opposite side of my cover.
02:38 - Received fire from Ragik unit at 10 meters. Armor effective, return fire ineffective. Lamedh flash pulse highly accurate, but ineffective.
02:38 - The engagement repeated. I may require diagnostics on targeting subroutines, as the outcome was identical.
02:38 - Return fire was effective. Myrmidon Argus successfully deployed smoke on my position, and Lamedh flash pulse was effective. Threat neutralized.

Ragik tries to finish the Asura off, but she succeeds on armor checks and eventually puts him into Dogged, as the bot flash-pulses him.

02:39 - Opfor commander moved forward towards my position with a second unit, and began suppression. Posthuman Morgan directed their Mk.2 proxy to fire at the enemy commander, with no effect.

Tarik and the Hunzakut go into suppressive fire. The Mk.2 takes a shot with its MULTI-Sniper, but misses.

02:39 - Myrmidon Argus threw a smoke grenade, allowing me to move forward. Enemy units were unable to return fire.
02:39 - Fired against Hunzakut unit. Two bursts required to achieve target elimination at 8 meters. No effective return fire.
02:39 - Fired against commanding officer. Two bursts required to achieve target elimination at 14 meters. No effective return fire. Although I was pleased with this outcome, I may require targeting matrix recalibration.

The Asura moves forward under smoke, and eliminates the Hunzakut and Tarik with her Spitfire and MSV3.

02:40 - Posthuman Morgan directed their Mk.2 proxy to fire at the Sekban unit, eliminating it.
02:40 - Posthuman Morgan directed their Mk.1 proxy to enhance Dakini-01's targeting software.
02:40 - Dakini-01 and I synced targeting matrices, moved forward and fired at the second Sekban unit at 24 meters, eliminating it. A loading servo malfunction prevented effective hydrostatic shock and unit elimination. I recommend a full disassembly of Dakini-01's chassis to identify faults. Both Dakini-01 and I moved into cover.

The Dakini with HMG (being proxied by a Chandra) knocks down the Sekban. I forgot that Marksmanship L2 granted Shock, so this should have killed him. Still learning the rules!

Turn 2, 02:41 - 02:42 Regional Time

02:41 - Opfor appeared to be disorganized, likely due to loss of commanding officer unit.
02:41 - Sekban unit was successfully returned to overwatch role by a medical unit, likely a Djanbazan unit.
02:41 - Djanbazan unit eliminated Beacon 1.
02:41 - Opfor units entered suppressive fire.

02:42 - Posthuman Morgan ordered their Lamedh forward, using its repeater to re-initiate targeting matrix optimization on Dakini-01. Posthuman Morgan should be commended for successful deployment of this software.
02:42 - Dakini-01 moved forward and fired at Djanbazan unit. Shot connected, rendered ineffective by armor. Djanbazan unit retreated behind building.
02:42 - Dakini-01 moved forward and fired at the surviving Sekban unit. Loading and feed servos functioned properly, and the unit was eliminated.
02:42 - Dakini-01 moved forward and fired at the Kaplan unit, eliminating it.
02:42 - Dakini-01 moved laterally, firing inside suboptimal range to eliminate the second Djanbazan unit.

The HMG bot avoids servant bot engagement and takes out the Datatracker.
The HMG bot takes out the Djanbazan, but leaves its back open and has no orders left.

Turn 3, 02:43 - 02:44 Regional Time

02:43 - The final surviving Djanbazan unit fires at Dakini-01, severely damaging its central chassis. Recovery may be possible with access to an engineering unit. I do not recommend disposing of Dakini-01's chassis.
02:43- The Djanbazan unit moved laterally and fired at Posthuman Morgan's Mk.2 proxy. Return fire was ineffective, and the proxy received significant damage.
02:44 - Posthuman Morgan fired at the Djanbazan unit, eliminating it.
02:44 - All opfor units confirmed annihilated. I moved forward with Myrmidon Argus to secure the area. Field commander Ciara began preparing for retaliatory tactical strikes.

Report End

The final state of the table, free of Haqqislam units sans 2 servant bots.


Haqqislam units reached Aplekton grounds before being located and eliminated. Prioritize identifying motivation for attempted infiltration.

All local copies purged.


Out of Character:

I'm still learning the game, so there are probably rules mistakes hidden throughout here. My deployment was too clustered, and Terrordactyl was well able to punish that with the Fiday and Ragik. Due to the sheer volume of successful armor saves by both of us in that engagement, though, it ended up costing him a lot of orders while not taking out the Asura, who was then able to use smoke and clear the midfield. I need to spread out my deployment more and have stronger back-line AROs against AD troops - if he was a tad luckier, the Asura would have gone down and made my life much harder. The Dakini HMG + Assisted Fire continues to be the star of the show, though - 6/4 move, mimetism, Shock, and ignoring cover for 21 points seems like a steal. This one could have gone either way, the dice were just more in my favor.

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