Kurage Crisis


Probing attack

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VS Yu Jing
East of Irem

Present day


'What on Earth were you doing, Jess?'


' Don't give me that. I know you're just faking it, sis'



'Worth a try'

'Your acting skills are terrible, Jess. Although, your normal job as a tactician seems to be at the same level today'

'Shut it, Dick'

'No. I need to know what's going on'

'I thought I saw Itto leading the opposing force'

'Itto? Is this your personal bogeyman again?'

'I'm sure he was behind what happened to dad'

'You have no proof of that'

'The man's a ghost. I have found lots of hints and clues but nothing concrete'

'You cannot risk the lives of our men like this, not to mention your own. If I need to remove you from the action, I will'

'I would like to see you try. Besides, I'm the best medic in our company and you know it'

'Up until this morning, you're also our best tactician but your threw that out the window. Let's go through the battle once more and see what we can learn from it'


Earlier this morning


'As you know, we were asked to scout an area close to Zhan Huo. I decided that we'd bring a small force to try to avoid detection. A few infiltrating elements up front, you, me and Adam as the main group and some long range support.'

'Sounds reasonable to me'

'We got a report that there was a group of about twice our number coming up toward our position. We decided to dig in and let them approach, hoping to catch them out when they got close enough'

'Which worked well until our fire support suddenly got attacked, right?'

'Very much so. I still never got a glimpse of what incapacitated them. We need to debrief them as soon as they come to. Anyway, I saw a small group advancing up to our position. I was incredibly surprised when I saw the mon of our enemy. It was Itto'

'You don't know what. It's just your theory, Jess'

'Whatever! I had the chance of a lifetime and I was not going to waste it'

'You charged straight into the middle of their line!'

'I took him out, didn't I?'

'You did but you also took tons of damage in the process. You're extremely lucky to still be alive'

'We got the best equipment money can buy, Dick'

'It can't stop everything and you know it. You were reckless, both with your own life and your company's. If you do this again, we will have no choice but to remove you from command'

'We? Who's WE?

'Me and Adam, of course'


'As much as I know he would never tell us, I'm sure he's disappointed in our performance today. He taught us better than this, Jess.'

'That he did. Let's get out of here now, I have troops to attend to'

'After you, sis'

Battlefield as seen from Haqqislam side
Battlefield as seen from the evil empire
Left side of Haqqislam deployment
Right side of Haqqislam deployment

Apologies for the lack of action photos.

There were photos taken but the quality were so poor that they can't be published.

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Yu Jing
East of Irem