Kurage Crisis


We made them bleed their own blood!

Eryk the Red

The dirty AI came into our home but we held them off and defeated their incursion this time.

I lost the lieutenant roll and my opponent chose the tableside and deployment order. I wanted to have the final push so I took second turn. I deployed with everyone in total cover and watching my flanks because with just nine orders I felt my opponent had a drop trooper in the wings. In my opponent’s first turn he moved Atalanta and his TR remote up into ARO positions. Then he moved his Sophotect up to my HVT and inoculated her for his classified objective. He then moved his myrmidon hacker into contact with an antenna. He also advanced Achilles up to the midfield.
Mcmurrough started the turn by moving and throwing smoke to cover for my intruder who got down off the roof and shot the thorakitai FO my opponent was moving up. Brought my tomcats and hellcat in from the side and killed Atalanta. I lost Lupe Balboa in the process and my Tomcat engineer. Round 1 ended with me down 3-0.

Turn two he tried to kill my hellcat and eventually succeeded after using a number of orders on both the Sophotect and Achilles. He then brought in an Ekdromoi who had my tomcat doctor pinned down. On my turn 2 I reforged my Alguacil link and tried to spec fire the Sophotect. I failed but then using Mcmurrough to throw smoke I moved my Bandit into contact with the antenna and took out the Zayin remote. I moved my Alguacil hacker into contact with an antenna to give me 2 points for the round and bringing the score to 3-2.
On to the final turn. The Aleph player put the sophotect onto a console and then killed my Bandit KHD.
He then moved Achilles to take out my Alguacil Hacker but she tanked the armor save Achilles fell to a hail of bullets and Crazy Koalas. This set me up for turn 3. I shot the Sophotect with two rounds of spec-fire grenades and dropped her. Then my tomcat started to make for the antenna in front of his DZ and dropped the Ekdromoi HMG in the process. I was then able to move to the antennna and coordinate to move my Intruder near his HVT and Secure her for a 3-6 win. Go Nomads

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One Comment

  • FrKn Zenon Berg says:

    Pictures really help tell the story. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write this up though 😀

    – Father Knight Zenon Berg