Kurage Crisis


Taking the armory from the enemy

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Yu Jing
VS PanOceania
Director Kors

On a neutral battlefield on a planet that didn’t belong to them. Two titans of humanities fought. What was originally an opportunity to resupply at this armory, both sides changed the plan to see if they could punish their bitter rivals instead. The business like Shock army lead by Director Kors brought in some big guns and some advanced tech. As the chill winds swept through this outpost city the PanOceania forces moved into the city. The Dragoes came into the city with its menacing HRMC and damaged the Yan Huo showing its capabilities from quite a distance. It came around the corner a second time to confront this Yan Huo with two missile launchers. This time Operator Xu prepared for the onslaught of high powered fire gets the edge shooting a missile launcher right into the control console of this big engine of war. The second shot lands as well and leaves the mighty Dragoes a big pile of scrap.
Taken back by the destruction of their prized war engine, Director Kors calls in his drop trooper in a plan to come from behind enemy lines. This advanced trooper came around and confronted the rookie Yan Huo operator Lei and mortally wounded him. The drop trooper snuck around and even got a shot that put the engineer unconscious with one fit in the grave. The Akali than set his eyes on the Su Jian and let his spitfire spray at the infamously designed robot. This fight did not end as well for the Akali, while he does damage some of the Su Jians servos. He quickly became a cloud of red mist from a well programmed shot from a panzerfaust.
After a quality blow to the body, it’s time for the forces of Yu Jing to strike back. The Su jian is sent on its attack run to confront the Bagh Mari. It proceeds to kill these link members in quick succession. One, two, three fall like clockwork to the Su Jian and are left with a hacker and a big gun who aren’t backed up. PanO send it’s Hmg weidling Bagh Mari to take down the Su Jian in a desperate attempt to retake control of the situation. after a drawn out number of volleys. The hmg finally damages the battlecat beyond repair.
Two ninjas hidden nearby both ready with their killer hacking devices receive the call and attempt to go after the hacker. The first one ambushed the hacker and proceeds to get locked up and stunned loading it’s killer programs. The second one was much more fortunate and efficiently dispatched the PanO hacker as they were trained to do.
Desperate to try and do something in an attempt to win some something from this battle. LT. Rao pops out and goes after the ninja who failed to do it’s job. The ninja takes the shot but will live to tell the tale. It wast the case for Rao as he gets blown into oblivion by Operator Xu. After seeing the gruesome death of their battlefield leader, the machinist for PanO makes a mad dash to get to a safer spot and hopefully a ride out of this new hell from the armory. The machinist ran well despite his terror but succumbed to the well trained Yan Huo in a fireworks display of dominance.

With the victory felt on his finger tips the Ninja came and engaged the last Bagh Mari, this well trained soldier didn’t have a chance as the Ninja cut him with ease. After that the ninja quickly dispatched the pathfinder and now was left with no more enemies to kill, slide back into the shadows, With the last remaining piece of the PanO forces destroyed the second Ninja came armory and took the targeted item from the panoply.
Succeeding in all ways they hoped to, The Yu Jing soldiers left the battlefield accomplishing the mission and recieved the adding bonus of serving some deserved vengeance against the “hyperpower”.

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Yu Jing

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