Kurage Crisis


Rocket Monkeys in Space

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Combined Army
Clever Handle
VS PanOceania

They're not the brightest, they're not the best
They're not the coolest, they also have bad breath
Rocket monkeys! Rocket monkeys!
Rocket monkeys! Woo-woo-woo
Give them a mission, they'll do their best
But best is relative, don't you forget
Rocket Monkeys!
YAY-OK: Go, monkeys!

Note: for more pictures, from the PanO perspective, check out my opponent's linked report.


Opponent, fielding NCA, drops a Fusilier Core team on my right flank (sniper + four basic grunts). Supporting them is a Trauma Doc. To my left he deploys three Fugazi and a Pathfinder. His Designated Target is deployed to my right, in front of his core team. He has deployed <150 points to the table…

Noticing that his link is spread far enough that to make the sniper the leader will cause it to break (costing him the +3 BS), I deploy my Yaogat Haris team with the sniper squaring off against his from inside a building, and the two combi/panzerfaust gents guarding the approach behind cover. My Rodock core team (HMG, Missile, (2)paramedics, combi) deploys in the shadow of a large garage, providing cover to my Designated target with their shotguns. My Suryat (multi/light flamer) deploys to be my datatracker, within a short skill from having line of fire to my opponent’s designated target.

My opponent deploys a Locust (BSG, Grenades, Drop Bears) inside the garage, near my designated target. Kornak deploys in total cover with his MK12 providing covering support to the Suryat.

Turn One:

What turns out to be a Hexas spitfire advances up my left flank to engage the Rodok team. After failing to move the Rodok HMG after a short exchange, the Hexas fails a guts check back into total cover.

My opponent turns his attention to the Locust. Becoming frustrated after failing to lob several grenades at my girl the Locust breaks from cover, suffering overwatch from almost the entire Rodok link, and trades his life for that of the designated target. As I have Paramedics but no doctor to revive the datatracker, PanO is up 5/0.

My opponent then turns his attention to the Yaogat sniper. As I had hoped, he activated the link, nominating the Sniper as the team leader - and breaking coherency with the fifth Fusilier and costing him the bonus to ballistic skill. We traded shots - his three to my two - and the Yaogat went down.

Recognizing the plight of his own designated target, he rushed his Deva hacker over to provide overwatch and slow down my Suryat’s approach on his link team’s position.

With only a single order remaining, my opponent returned his attention to the Rodok link. Trusting in his active turn burst advantage he activated his Hexas one final time and finally managed to KO the Rodok HMG - thus breaking the link.

Down to 9 orders (Strategos) and having lost two significant hit pieces as well as already being down the 5 point swing off designated target, which if ye point. I was a little perplexed.
I immediately activated the Suryat and executed his designated target. The Suryat was prevented from advancing by open ground between it and the linked sniper, as well as the position of the Devas.

I turned my attention to the shattered Rodok link, and lacking options, spent an order on one of the Paramedics, who miraculously revived the HMG. I spent my second command token to reform the link. Spending several orders, I finally managed to use the HMG to bring the Hexas spitfire down.

After deploying to ambush my opponents poor link team deployment (and failing!) it was ironic when my next order caused me to simultaneously break my reformed team, I managed to expose myself to a Swiss Guard, in Cover, at bad range. I was at -12 and my shots failed. He was at -9 and did not.

After wiping the remains of their squad mate from their armor, the Rodok link reformed around the HMG for a second time in the first game turn and began advancing up the field. By marching into the shadow of the garage, the Rodoks were able to avoid fire from the Swiss Guard. As they advanced, the team leader used super jump and his HMG to knock out two Fugazi dronbots.

End of Turn One:
We both secured max points for the assassination run (5 ea)
Morats are marginally up on kill points (70ish to 60ish)

Turn Two:

My opponent shuffles some models around and begins a rampage with the Swiss Guard. The Beast advanced up my right flank, opposite to the Rodok team, and engaged my Suryat. The Suryat promptly burned his Thermoptic Camouflage off and was gunned down by the human soldier’s shotgun.

Next, the Swiss Guard attempted to engage my Rodok team, rounding a corner to draw up on the team leader, armed with the heavy machine gun and standing in the open. And then something truly wonderful happened. After a prolonged exchange (4 orders!) The Rodok gunner stood in disbelief over the leaking body of his drastically better equipped foe (I was throwing 2 on 9’s against his one on 15!)

With the loss of the Swiss Guard at this point my victory was almost assured. Having lost such an incredible hit piece, and being left facing such relatively paltry offensive weaponry with a force so good at digging in, I could have spent my second turn entrenching and held out for the 7:5 victory, forgoing an assassination run on his Lieutenant.

I could have done that but based on the unlikely odds that had led to this situation, and the Morat ethos, I pushed the attack, hoping to overwhelm the beleaguered human forces and secure a Lieutenant kill in the bargain.

With that in mind I fired up the Rodok team and moved to continue my advance. However with 8 orders spent, I was only able to knock out the pathfinder and remaining Fugazi. In the process I had been required to revive another team member, who unfortunately was unable to rejoin the link. The Rodok team moved into position to cover the approach to the surrounded Fusilier link, eager to advance in the final push.

End of Turn Two:
A massive swing in the loss of the Swiss Guard
Stalled advance on the Morat front.

Turn Three:

With few options left, the Fusilier team moves to claw back whatever points they can. The sniper drew a bead on the Rodok HMG and blasted the ape into pieces. Sliding further along the wall, the sniper blew apart another Rodok, before the team regrouped into a defensive posture behind a nearby structure.

His final push had been surprisingly effective. That damned sniper hadn’t missed a shot all night. With the loss of the two Rodoks, I was less confident about my lead and was still zoned in on the attempted lieutenant kill.

With the way his Fusilier team was arranged, it was unlikelyI was going to get my surviving Rodok paramedic across the field to engage his Lieutenant. He had to cross open ground, while engaging in a gunbattle with a full core team at bad range bands.

In an attempt to break the link, I moved Kornak to the right around the building he was deployed against, in an attempt to engage a lone link member out of cover in an attempt to open a path for my Rodok. Just before spending the order to round the corner, I realized that damned Fusilier sniper would have a bead on Kornak if he rounded to take his shot. I was not prepared to risk that, and thus looked elsewhere.

I foolishly threw my orders into the surviving Yaogat team members. The two of them advanced up the board, hoping against hope to get the chance to trade their lives, and their panzerfausts, for a chance at the enemy lieutenant.

But it was not to be. At the end of their advance, they stumbled into the crossfire of an angry Deva, armed with a nanopulser, and that damned Fusilier sniper again! The poor morat’s feeble attack failed and the overwhelming firepower he faced tore his body to shreds.

Turn Three end:
NeoTerra Capitaline Army rallies!
After their early raly, Morats continue to lose steam

After Action:

We Both got the designated target
Neither of us got any lieutenant kills
PanO managed to kill more army points!

In a surprise rally, NeoTerra Capitaline Army managed to rally and kill enough Morats to cover their early deficit. The game ended with roughly 118 to 130 points remaining in favour of Neoterra.

In retrospect, the tactically correct thing to do would have been to withdraw and turtle up on my second turn. I had the obvious advantage with the loss of the Swiss Guard. I could have turtled up at that point sufficiently that there would have been no way for my opponent to dig me out.

Having recognized that fact, we decided to play the game to its conclusion with an aggressive push. When we made the decision, we actually believed that it would be a steamroll, simply an exercise in maximizing the brutality for a Combined Army battle report…. Needless to say the results were surprising.

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