Kurage Crisis


Recovering Underwater Sensoring Facilities

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Yu Jing
VS Nomads


This is a important mission to the Invencible army,JSA abandoned the powerful union of both culture but now is time to show the right way to the japanese traitors.
In this time they have e crusties,But they aren´t enough strong to stop our mission!
They thought that The little Kusanagi could stop our tech empire, We take out the heavy artillery the last inventions of YuYing the strongest potency with the best armaments and the most recent technology lke TO CAMO and the best weapons .

The battle began with a direct assault from the taskmaster support unit. But they did not know that this cheap scum would not overthrow a Yan Huo and less with those weapons.

After an exchange of shots, it was as expected. This was followed by the resolution of heretical troops. In this battle we were lucky that all the shots were successful to our rivals.

The Yan huo could not count all the enemies shot down But only the most importance like tasks master in the first round of the batle,the enemies remotes in the second round and finally destroy the big 2 mind behind the enemy army Zoe and Kusanagi Which it fell down the enemy morale and spreaded panic in the enemy army.

In this battle our comandant Black phantom kept the enemy and destroy some vanguard near of the middle of the underwater facilities.

In this situation our vanguard the Guilang ,whose nickname is wolf, the long fang,appeared in the middle of enemy line and pressed console of the big aerials and He launched the code which our intelligence agency need to counter the insurgents .Another victory for the invincible army.

In the image We can see the miniature of santiago knight like a shaolin warrior and a Su-jian like Rui-shi

Near of underwater sensoring facilities
Our little but heavy team. In the image we can see the miniature of santiago knight like a shaolin warrior and a Su-jian like Rui-shi

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Yu Jing