Kurage Crisis


Recognition mission in Johnny -5 Node base J5 Kaserne

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Yu Jing
VS Nomads

Sometimes we need to know better the allies of our enemy.In this case Bakunin but not was the las time that we will find this space crusties.

In this time the enemy army was defending one of their two camps.
In this situation our heavy platform obtained a advantage position in the top of the buildings in Kaserne.

He terrorize all the enemies with the power of his rocket launchers.
The first victim was one of the remotes of the other army and the last one the lieutenant of the enemy army Kusanagi.

The another star of the battle was our sexy ninja who give some headaches, redrums and carbonite to the hacker enemy brains.The first one the custody reverand an the last one to cloe a big hacker rival who fall inconsece to the floor and bite the dust.

But not less important than other soldiers we have te couple of monk and his remote friend rui-shi who destroy all the vanguard of the enmy troughout the smoke.
But we have the couple of the monk and his remote friend rui-shi who destroyed all the vanguard of the enemy throughout the smoke and defense the right part of the battle.
Another time the commander or “Black phantom” to the enemy appear on the middle of blizzard and destroy the taskmasters and the enemy hopes.
Finally,the comandant destroys the enemy pet Piwel who fell destroyed of invencible ammo and enjoyed with the victory of Invencible army.
The next time they will have choose better their alliances and friends before to meddle in the affairs of others.

TLa zona completamente nevada como ven,la borrasca nos deja ver nada :P
The exact moment when terracota´s lieutenant eliminate the enemy pitcher
The moment when the Black Magic was appearing to give a surprise to taskmasters rocket launcher.
Now is visible and prepared to attack the Support enemy tower

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Yu Jing