Kurage Crisis


Defense in the Zhan Huo station by Invencible legion

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Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam
Tariq Abd Al-Nassir

It is very important to Yujing the defense of their Base. In this case the Arabian faction attack their territory to steal all the advantages of Yuying under the new JSA.
However not this time my friend.

In this situation the smallest troop may change the situation like my monks who die to defense the station defending their ideals and launching smoke to all the enemies. The first Loss was the ROBO-GATETE or Su-jian the robot-cat. It was a big lost of moral in our forces.
The power of the heavy weapon and the advanced tech in armor and tech progress made real this defense. Our heavy platform whose name is Yan Huo defeat all the enemies from the big tower o the district .Meanwhile the Hac-Tao advance destroying all of their hopes to obtain the anthems.

Big Victory to the sun rising empire!
To control this artillery base, it is essential
to take the
high-speed cannon batteries and missile launchers that
give its name to this location.

The district 5 of the ZHAN HUO STATION

The Green disck is smooke,yes its is ugly but no enough resources ;/

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Yu Jing