Kurage Crisis


Days of our Knights

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VS Nomads

So my opponent for this mission is a filthy Nomad Scum (™ All Rights Reserved Nomad Military). I also knew he is fond of hackers...and of all his new Tunguska options. Now of course the great and powerful Military Orders are truly a powerhouse of hacking (DeFersen? I guess?) I figured my best bet was to murder as many hackers as I can and then just keep my fingers crossed otherwise.

So the list is a bit odd ball, but I actually quite like it after this game. 1 Seraph backed by a defensive link 2 HRLs and 3 Medic Order Sgts. 3 TO Camo FO Sgts for shenanigans, then a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre to camoflage that there are 3 TO Camo guys. Lastly a WarCor (played by Joan of Arc) and a Fugazi (played by a Nomad Zond) for some flash pulsing.

For deployment I placed my order sgt team on the left where it looked like they could do the most damage. My Sepulchre (holoechoing as a big bucket of Santiago anger) took the right flank backed by a Seraph. Now here I think was one significant mistake I made. 1. My opponent knows I do love holoechoes and also that nothing I’m showing is looking like an Lt. A. My very very hackable holoechoeguy is really close to Mary Problems. I. Mary Problems has a pitcher.

Oooookay… Well… Reactive Turn 1. While I wouldn’t call it a complete disaster, we took some serious hits. Bran made his off sides roll now while we did really well putting him down it was a the cost of our fireteam. The real trouble was that Mary moved up the field and put a pitcher down. She managed to Isolate the sneaky Sepulchre… My Lt. Super We’re going into Turn 1 in Loss of Lieutenant! Love that! Gonna be super good. In the good news column between Joan of WarCor and the Fugazi impersonator we really did lock them down and limit their moves. As of now they’re only touching their home antenna. Moving into Turn 1 we really need to get some defenses set up and eliminate some units from the nomad side… with only a handful of irregular orders.

Turn 1 Active Turn: Going in with irregular orders on turn one was rough, but all in all this wasn’t too bad. We dropped 3 command tokens, converting 2x irregular orders and we reformed the link as a 3 man. Pan O continued its unmitigated streak of being more deadly to its own people as the medic managed to kill another medic with his magic (fatal) medecine cannon. The seraph, thank goodness, superjumped up and tagged Mary. SHE IS DOWN! Having her KO’ed really helps that side. Meanwhile the incredible and always amazing Sepulchre Knight valiantly tries to shoot a stationary repeater...and hits only one die which bounces off armor!? Oh then he got hacked while there and he’s immobilized. Champion material… Really outstanding work. We did manage to tie it up by putting a camo token right next to an antenna and in cover. That will be nice.

Reactive Turn Two: The filthy filthy Nomad scum managed to put up some solid defenses around the antenna’s this round. It was quite a lot of repositioning, but not a whole lot of fight. They did kill off one of the forward observer TO guys, but other than that it was a lot of setting up defenses against a potentially rampaging Seraph!

Active turn 2: Well on the plus side the Seraph just went on a murderous rampage! It finished off the Hollowman, a Morlock, and a RiotGRRL! That’s a pretty solid spree right there and I managed to put it into suppressive fire for the next round. That should definitely help. Downside… my medics are super duper good at killing my own people. Between that and me forgetting that Morlocks have chain rifles I am down to one specialist! Not a good round points wise either as I have nothing in contact with an antenna… This looks like a foregone conclusion, but most important of all I do need to take as many of those filthy Nomads with me as possible.

Reactive Turn 3… Well… Not so good. I mean that was the expectation. The Seraph almost took down that Kriza and that could have salvaged us, but between the cybermine and a couple orders spent with Kriza gunning down the Seraph there wasn’t much hope. Unfortunately that also put me in Loss of Lieutenant… you know… again… So at that point it was reasonable to call the game. I was out of command tokens, so I couldn’t power much of anything. I was well out of range to get a specialist near any antenna. Even then I would need to control 2 to even things up. We called it there as there wasn’t much for me to do.

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