Kurage Crisis


A lesson in how not to use Knights

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VS PanOceania

Ah PanOceania, great jewel of the everything for all time. After playing Nomads in last years campaign, I thought it was time to go back to what really drew me into Infinity, the boys in blue, and especially the Military Orders.

Now to preface there’s a running joke in our little meta that Knights are basically pom-pom waving fanboy(or girl) cheerleaders for Joan of Arc. Basically it’s Joan wrecking face constantly while some fella’s in heavy blue army squeal in delight and probably form a cheer pyramid.

Unfortunately for scheduling reasons we had PanO vs. PanO for our first mission, so it’ll be a training exercise...in the Nomad territory! Don’t worry...it’s a friendly peacekeeping exercise Nomad scum!

Let’s get deployed!

So for deployment...I really wasn’t sure what to do, and looking back mistakes were made. I’m still not used to using large mobile link teams. I’ve played a lot more defensive link teams with individual models moving up to do stuff, so I’m still very much getting used to this set up. I brought on Joan’s link team on the left side hoping to claim the open ground with superior PanOceanian firepower. The HRL team set roughly in the middle left, they would be fireteam first as I figured from their position they could get set up then let the Joan team start their work. On the far right flank, I dropped a hacker, and planned to move her up in combination with my 38 point Intellcom card to hopefully claim a region.

My opponent deployed...and I had to have my back turned for a suspiciously long time. All that was visible was a Fusilier link and a machinist...probably not good news. I mean maybe he really just wanted to use 70 points in a 100 point game...I can hope right?

My last drop was the Black Friar near the hacker but ready to move up. His last...was an Aquila...never a good sign, and it sadly dropped opposite of the Friar, so not likely to get a lot of Albedo shenanigans.

Woof! A disastrous opening turn for our heroic-ish boys in blue! I don’t know what I was thinking but first off just ran a link team into template of a missile launcher… Kept my link leader, but last the 3 man team, so I was down to normal burst. Fired again and lost the second man in the link! Well...uh… third time’s the charm and she hits, but doesn’t do much better. I know there’s a medic up there, so that could come back to haunt me.

Luckily, I think to myself...I’ve got a Black Friar and I can throw a bunch of drop bears up there. I’ll have to run him up fast though… First order, I foolishly left him in the open AND I double moved...needless to say a Swiss Guard revealed then promptly KO’ed him. So… 1 dead and 2 unconscious and I’ve traded for...one unconscious Fusilier Missile…

Time for Joan and the link team to get to work! They move up to take up positions and try and get close to A. healing the rocket guy and B. setting up a position around the objectives, first order out and Joan gets ARO’ed by a Hexa sniper who manages to put a wound down. Luckily my HMG wasn’t terrible and crushed that Hexa under a hail of bullets.

I managed to move the doctors into position, but the doc rolled a solid 19 on his medic...no chance that HRL’s going to make it. So we’re 1 wound on Joan, 2 dead, and 1 unconscious… and I’m also recognizing that our positioning is very vulnerable to templates… Uh… reactive turn go?

So…. Reactive turn… not so good… Unfortunately there were a lot of Swiss Guards...and swiss guards are real real good at shooting everything. As luck would have it they did fail a medic roll on their missile launcher so that helped. Then their Aquila took a hit while trying to punch a hole in the link team.

Sadly they next brought their second swiss around who managed to punch a big hole in Joan of Arc...then he shot the Boarding Shotgun Hospitaller...Things were not so good. The link team was pretty well pinned down by an Aquila on one side and the Swiss on the other…

Oh yeah, we’re also in Loss of Lieutenant… Super…

Holy crap that Swiss can shoot! Send out my order Sgt… no luck. Send a doctor back shooting...unconscious… send the other doctor back...yep… history repeats. By the end of the active turn I have an order sergeant hacker and an HMG Hospitaller...they’re religious troops though, so while I am in fact in retreat, I ignore it...good?

Fairly short turn. He spent most of his time getting into position and as an off hand, shot my last Hospitaller in his face… Well… it’s up to you Order Sgt hacker! You’ve got this!

Neoterran Capitaline Army 5 points (because I disconnected one of them with my Intelcomm card)

Military Orders 0 points… and also 0 points in a non null state! A proper ass kicking!

Over all it was still a surprisingly fun game! Most games I’d probably resent said ass kicking, but I learned a lot it in this one and I think it’ll help me in the future. Biggest of which is that I don’t have a good understanding of using mobile link teams. I’m much better acquainted with low cost defensive link teams… having my fire team do the majority of the work is very different, but it’s also a really interesting problem to unpick. You have to do a lot more thinking ahead in my opinion as instead of one expensive pro, you’ve got to have room and cover for a team WITHOUT being potentially vulnerable to templates! Tricky indeed!

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