Kurage Crisis


Turning Down the Heat at Multi-Base HAS

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VS Ariadna

Haqqislam knows the only way to keep Combined out of the Humansphere is to work together with the other nations for a unified front against the alien incursion but the Kurage Crisis has allowed the nations to be greedy with hopes of wealth and power. The Old Man in the Mountain had information that a group of Ariadna soldiers had plans to stage a raid on PanOceania environmental infrastructure and disabling the heating units. This would devastate the PanO war effort and allow an opportunity for the Ei to fill the void left by the super power. The mission was simple deploy a small team to turn the Ariadna forces back and maintain the uneasy truce to ensure human dominance on Dawn.

Saladin was chosen to lead the force and direct the small team to get the most out of the limited resources. The hope was his direction would allow the team to act like a scalpel as opposed to a hammer. An Al Fasid was appointed his bodyguard, a Maghariba Guard to anchor the fire team and a set of light specialist to try to navigate into position and repel the Ariadna. The KUM biker Zuleyka was to be the point member.

Zuleyka roared ahead to try to spot the Ariadna forces but was quickly taken out of action by AP HMG before she could cover her advance with smoke. With the enemy being much closer than expected the Al Fasid launched to cover the Maghariba Guard so that the Djabazan sniper and Maghariba Guard could line up shots to take out lead members of the enemy forces. Utilizing the cover of smoke the 2 units eliminated the Blackjack with the AP HMG, Rosie with the missile launcher, and the Unknown Ranger.

Zuleyka didn't make it far in the cold...

The enemy Blackjack with a T2 sniper took the opportunity to lay down fire damaging the TAG and taking out a remote keeping track of the flank. The Minuteman fire team took advantage of the sides exchanging rounds to move into position and take control of a heating element and posting up to break the Haqqislam lines. Rounding the corner a Minuteman with an AP rifle tried to take out the TAG but caught an explosive round in his chest laying him out of action.

The enemies devil dogs decided it was time to make a rush toward the TAG and hoping to shred it in close combat but the Maghariba lined up a shot before the beast could obscure his movement with smoke. With enemy forces dwindling the Zhayedan data tracker ran forward to take control of the closet heating element and attempt to hold the control area but the Ariadna forces had a final push before they retreated and the commanding office ran up to warm up the Zhayedan with a spray of napalm putting him out of commission.

With the attack repelled medical attention was rendered to Ariadna forces and all bodies returned so that respect can be payed by family member. Hopefully diplomatic measures can help instill the sense of scale this conflict is having with exposing the Humansphere to the alien threat.

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