Kurage Crisis



VS Nomads
Your crazy friend

english is not my native, sorry for mistakes!
If you see some silhouettes on photos - its pupniks (yes, I know, but my friend still painting it)
Hope you`ll enjoy)

Commander, allow me to report. We collided with group of druged Nomads from Bakunin.
Our special group from sect of Hassassins trained not so far from the operation hub, when this roaring bastards attacked. It`s was unexpected. We thought that our security system strong enough for prevent a surprises. We were wrong.

Our try to seize the advantage failed.

Enemies took their positions

All that we have done is take up positions for defense: Ghulam`s fireteam on the center and right flank, Shihab remote on the left flank with hassassin Barid FO (who was my lieutenant). Farazan FO in camo were placed on the first floor of white-orange building in the center and Farzan Minelayer were placed on the first floor of grey central building. Another Barid FO - Datatracker were placed deep inside deployment zone in the small building on the right side of the field.
Also we had two Impersonation markers (Al Djabel + Fiday with BShotgun)


Enemy start to rush with his Extrimely Impetus Morloks. We really tried to shoot them or jamm but failed (so sad)

The first Chimera run close to Al Djabel in Marker state but her Pupnik recieve successful attack from jammer and disconnected.
Other mother of Pupniks run to Muttawi`ah in the central grey building.
Then one of her boys tried to engage Muttawi but rcieved chain rifle in his face and fell.
Then this bloody bastards successfully discover my Farzan and despite his resistance - killed him.

Then chimera tried to show her self from the building, but my brave Fanous remote shot her with Flash pulse and this mecha girl hide er self back in building.
But, what about the last Chimera? she didn`t anything interseting, she Just jumped from the roof and one of her Pupniks recived successful shot form Ghulam`s HMG. Then, one of Morloks tried to hit with chain rifle my Muttawi and Kameel remote but recived shot from the Ghazi pistol and fell. Sad, but he hurt my Muttawi girl:(

Our aerocam was disabled when Moira run on the roof of armory, DISCOVERED my Fiday and kill him - one of the saddest moments of the battle.

My first turn begun. And the name of this - Multiple autistic decisions

Firstly I lost Muttawi in grey building - she was killed by dirty Sin Eater with spitfire. (Lucky that other two boys successfully survived) Then, I decided that main threat is Sin and began self-elimination. Shihab - critically destroyed. Fanous - critically destroyed. What about Ghulam with HMG? Yes, critically destroyed.
Then I suddenly suddenly remembered that I still have some ghazi and throw smoke on the LoS between Al Djabel and Sin.
Djabel show himself and tried to shot Pupnik. What do you think? Yes, "Go away mister Djabel, you are too weak for me" My Barid FO (who was lt) stands up and tried to kill Pupnik by lt order - failed. Bold Muttawi tried to isolate Chimera in grey central building, but she rolled safe two times (niiice)
Then my Leila tried to kill sin again but she received successful hit and fell. My doctor by the last orders tried to heal her and HMG guy - first success! Both guys on their feet. (And experimental drug complited)

Second turn

On the second turn enemy killed few his models by my Muttawi and his friend - Ghulam with Missle launcher. After thet he tried to kill my missle launcher by his Moira, but her multi rifle was to weak so she dies because of successfull hits of exp ammo. Then enemy start offensive to my Barid FO (datatracker) who hide in the small building on the right side of the field. The leader of offensive were Chimera without Pupniks (everyone dies because of Muttawiah and Ghulam with ML) Chimera successfully knock out my Ghulam with ML and run to the Barid`s building but my Kameel saw her and tried to warn his friends but only Leila heard him and stand up. On her way to Barid Chimera success fully received crit from shock marksman rifle and died, but firstly she killed my datatracker (so sad)
Other Chimera kill my Djabel (he dies with no honor)
Chimera, wich was in grey building starts attack. She run close to ghulams positions but her Pupnik received two shots form light shotgun and Chimera fells of impact templates. On the last orders he used his doc and healed Morlock, who tried to kill Kameel and Muttawiah by chain rifle.

Stupid decisions continue.
Almost every order I spent by fireteam, `cause I tried to heal my Ghuli with ML. I healed her, but I forget that I have no command tokens (what`s going on with me?)
Few more orders I spent from second group on my last Muttawiah - by Intuitive order i discovered with jammer enemy Zero in camo, but the ghazi killed him self by mine.
Then I remembered that I have Farzan FO who killed Zero in his back.

Enemy start annihilation. (Third turn, yes)

By empetus order healed Morlok killed my Kameel. Then Morlok performed Coup de Grace:( After that Morlok run and kill my Doctor and Ghulam with missle launcher.
Chimera goes prone and smoke her position so I cant see her by my HMG guy and his Hacker friend.
Pupnik jumped from the building and received shot from HMG, then he fell
unconscious. By two caution moves chimera ran to the building where my FO Barid sit. And by last order Chimera climb to his position and killed him. Leila, of course, killed her but with no sense.
On my last turn I was in loss of lieutenant. I still had four models but all of them were irregular.
I decided to do everuthing I can and successfully scaned enemy HVT (another classify - data scan)
Then my HMG killed one of moderators with spitfire and Leila kill Morlok!


Objective points!
Bakunin (Your crazy friend)
1 pts - Kill dtatracker
1 pts - extreme prejudice
1 pts - kill more specialists
2 pts - kill more lieutenants
3 pts - kill more army points
AP survived - 99

Hassassin bahram (CrazyLazyFatMan)
1 pts - experimental drug
1 pts - data scan
1 pts - kill enemy datatracker (Moira)
AP survived - 83

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