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"Transmission Matrix?!" KC-004 /Darko - Very Redux...

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Daniel Darko
VS Nomads

Battlereport KC-004 /Darko - Very Redux....

"Transmission Matrix?!"

Commander Archon and Commander Darko - second game, second time they meet. Everythings fine. Hope to meet soon again.

After we failed to play this battle in Phase one, because I was confident in rules I got wrong, I agreed to repeat the game with in every instance (same lists and mission) and therefor ALEPH is trying to get to J-5 through the Transmission Matrix again....

What happend?

Set up

The plan:
Thorakites and Myrmidon Link will keep pressure on the central antenna. One Fireteam will occupy it, the other team will provide suppresive fire (not literaly) to keep the enemy away. Reserve: An Ekdromoi is waiting to attack one of the antennas near the enemy deploymantzone, if Cmdr. Archon has to slimline the defences on one of them.

First turn Corregidor:
The Intruder starts strong by killing Thrasimedes and the second Thorakites - only the Paramedic survives. The central antenna gets controled by Nomad troops. Lucky me - the HVT is able to stun the AD:Combat jumper, who is tasked to kill him, because the Datatracker is to far away and it is not sure, if the chance to attack him later in the game will still be an option.

My first turn worked out close. My Ekdromoi had the job to attack the central Nomads in the back. But the enemy HVT shut him down by stunning him right after he moved once. Still I managed to push the enemy out of the ZO of the central antenna. The Myrmidons did it and with a stretch killed the enemy HVT with the DataTracker and "secured" the centre. They are out in the open... but still they score. I was not able to shoot at the enemy A:Combat jumper. My HVT still in peril, but the enemy DataTracker is under fire and will not be able to escape the sheer number of Myrmidon AROs.

Turn 2 Corregidor advances. Killing everything with no regard. They kill my Lt. - nice, but they do not pay attention to their right antenna and somehow manage to leave it completely! One Linkmember should have returned to it, but we both did not see it!

End of 2.1 (Nomads turn)
My HVT and my Lt. are down. Just moving around. Maybe one shot. Then we realize - both own 2 antennas!

Last round:
The J.C.o.Corregidor now charges with full force. I have no chance on holding anything. Last chance is to heal an unconscious trooper to fulfill my classified objective. My Paramedic Thorakitai shoots twice at his fellow Thorakites. Second shot hits, but it is too late. His Physique is not strong enough. Next chance is the Myrmidon inside the ruin. But ODD protects... from the Medgun. Game over.
In retrospective I wasn't even allowed to try the medgun three times, because I started in retreat! and therefor the Lt. order is null and I had no command token left, to change irregular orders into regular-ones.

Well. I have won. But actually I lost the game, when I lost my Thorakites to the Intruder and my last offensive potential (the Myrmidons) were sacrificed to early in the centre. I hoped for a quick advance in Objective points to keep the pressure up, but it cost me dearly. I was lucky, when Cmdr. Archon lost the 5th member out of sight and therefor forgot to order him back - an obvious mistake; I would have told him, if I had seen it myself. I was greedy and I had some luck. The second unnecessary risk I took, was to attack the enemy HVT with my Lt./DataTracker in Turn one. I was almost sure, she will die after that, but I wasn't sure, if she succeeds with this one (or two) orders, I had left, when she started that manoeuvre.

Tight game. Moral-winner Cmdr. Archon. Points-winner Cmdr. Darko.

Pictures of round three:

Oh, boy. That was a hasty game with tired commanders. Still enjoyable.

Daniel Darko

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Daniel Darko

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