Kurage Crisis


Smash and Grab

VS Ariadna

Lieutenant Luna, Bakunin Taskmasters, War Diaries

You know, stepping out of the Johnny-5 to stretch our legs a little wasn’t so bad. This was a quick insertion into the Lafayette base to steal some of the plans for the mines in the region. Just in case. The high command allegedly has an Alliance with the Haqqislamite forces to keep our interests defended, but I’ll be damned if I trust them blindly.

So yes, stealing some plans seemed like a good idea at the time. In the spirit of the campaign, I added some music for atmosphere to this report. You can see it below and I suggest listening while reading:

This time I brought the full flying circus. Five Riot Grrls, all from the best of the Beauvoir Harpies: Pinkie, our thankfully silent psychopath, RD, our overly boisterous badass, Twilight, the purple armored leader, and rounding up we had gorgeous and impeccable Jewel and Jack, our Ariadnan born amazon. We also had their friend Butterfly, and awesome doctor if I ever saw one, along with a Clockmaker engineer, a hacker and a single Lunokhod drone.

The Caledonian forces brought some heavy duty gear to this fight. And I mean heavy duty. They had a full Wulver fireteam, all armed with oversized shotguns, a highlander Grey that thankfully was nowhere as competent as the last one, a Cateran sniper and a massive, extremely armored Mormaer carrying a gun I'm pretty sure should have been mounted on a TAG. They had some support elements, but I'm not sure about them.

Our target was the humongous building in the center. Yes, the one that looks very suggestive.

We came for a quick strike, but things didn't go exactly as planned. For starters, the enemy had a pair of very tough nuts to crack set up: On the left, they had the Cateran sniper (he was camouflaged, but come on, everyone knows what's under that radar ping) and on the right there was the hulking Mormaer.

And I mean Hulking, with capital H. Our Riot Grrls once more took the matters on their hands and advanced forward, with Jack taking point and bringing her missile launcher to bear. Jack is an USAriadnan, so at first I was a little skeptical of bringing her to fight other Ariadnan forces.

I guess there's no love between Caledonia and USAriadna, either that or the Mormaer called her something nasty. Because Jack hammered his sorry ass like he owed her money. She pumped several missile shots into the man's reinforced redoubt, and the most impressive was the fact he survived most of them! Talk about heavy armor.

Jack puts several missile shots into their Mormaer. He went down at the Sixth shot.

With the right flank threat dealt with, I pushed towards the left, advancing to cover the Armory and hopefully get a shot at the Cateran sniper. Of course it didn't work the way I expected. I pushed forward and shot once, my burst flying wildly innacurate due to the extreme range.

And before I could get close, the Cateran nailed me with a high powered shot. T2 ammo is nasty, it hits inside you and explodes, wrecking circuitry and flesh alike. I am still coughing up metal even after the doctors patched up my chest and stomach. And when I got hit, I went down instantly.

Thankfully the Riots' doctor friend had brought a zondbot. And the little thing scurried up the rooftop I was laying being all busy in that delightful experience of bleeding to death. It patched my wounds nicely enough I could get up again, but I was not eager to repeat the dose.

The zondbot was a little hero.

We managed to push forward, using our Lunokhod for a crazy attack run against their sniper that was surprisingly effective. With both main threats down, we took a breather and waited for the halfbreed maniacs to come swinging.

However, they didn't. Instead they went straight for the armory, with only a single Galweigian trying to target our Riots and getting summarily destroyed by RD's high-ex rounds (once again, overkill is underrated.)

The Wulvers all holed up into the Armory, daring us to come at them. It was a heavy, dangerous predicament, with all the shotguns they were carrying, not to mention the fact those are close combat shock troops and I wasn't able to get close with my deteriorated health.

The solution was to send in the drone. It scurried forward, taking a quick detour to have a firefight with their Highlander Grey, and this one went down fast too, leaving our drone free to come at the enemy from the side and unleash its flamer on the dug in fireteam.

Guess how many of those died?

You know, I think there's something about being a half bred result of a horny human getting their kink on with an antipode. Because what the actual fuck? The Wulvers all obliterated our drone in a hail of shotgun fire while simultaneously getting through the flames with only a single casualty!

However, that single casualty was the fireteam leader, and our Riot Grrls took point, going in for the kill. The enemy fireteam was dug in, but they were also without leadership, and our girls captalized in that.

Twilight took point, killing the enemy specialist operative

Twilight was the first going in, shooting at the enemies on the left flank. She wounded and killed their specialist, but got herself hurt in the process. This girl has taken more shrapnel in the gut than some veterans I've seen, it takes some courage to lead an assault like that.

Of course, with her friend hurt, RD pulled the purple armored girl back and took point herself. She braved the enemy and began a methodic massacre. She stood at the door, shooting without any fear, trading fire with most of the enemy fireteam and aiming to take them down one by one.

Their leader had a flamer. We weren't expecting that, and honestly when I saw the flames engulf our blue armored punk I feared for the worse. Heh, I think even the flames were afraid of our girl. She kept shooting, unharmed by the fire, pulping enemy after enemy before leading her team into the now bloody but vacant armory.

RD massacres the Wulver team

I'm gonna pay that girl some decent smokes after that showing. She completely broke the backs of the Caledonian troops, taking them down and forcing what was left of their forces into an earlier retreat.

With the Armory secured, we took the documents we wanted and left. I was limping and had to spend a few hours in surgery getting shrapnel removed from places I didn't even know I had. However, it was great to see our Bakunin ladies do so well.

Feeling really good despite the pain, Lieutenant Luna out.

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