Kurage Crisis


Ajax is cranky

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Uriel was concerned, earlier that night intelligence had come in reporting sightings of Senor Massacre in the vicinity of Panoc-23. At the news Ajax had flown into a rage, ordering Uriel and several other aspects to accompany him in an unplanned assault.
As their dropship landed Uriel felt a new presence link to their tactical net.
“Sir, this is Dasyu unit Gamma-325, I have been shadowing the targets for several hours and I believe they are about to commence a raid on the Panoceanian facilities here, should we intervene?”
“Damn right we will,” growled Ajax in response, “prepare to charge and if anyone sees that motherless dog Massacre, remember, he’s mine.”
“Oh hell,” muttered Teucer, “you better follow me” he directed to the largest of Uriel’s bodies, as he ran towards a tall building near their drop point.
As Uriel ran up the stairs inside the building he jumped between his other bodies trying to get into decent firing positions before Ajax charged into the enemy. Her infiltration body managed to take shelter behind some shipping crates fairly close to a building that seemed to be some kind of command and control hub. Unfortunately his scout body failed to make much headway before the Dasyu signaled that the enemy was moving up.

Aleph Deployment Left
Aleph Deployment Right
Starco Deployment Left
Starco Deployment Right

Jumping back to his heavy assault body, Uriel stepped out on to a balcony with good oversight over the immediate area, behind him a spider like scouting remote attached to Dasyu Gamma-325 scuttled up the wall and prepared to feed data to the tactical net. As he prepared his heavy rocket launcher Uriel noticed movement just behind him inside the building. Turning to look Uriel saw a small man wearing basic body armour carrying press identification badges.
Activating his public relations protocols Uriel calmly said, “Excuse me sir, please take cover and prepare to evacuate, I cannot guarantee your safety if you remain in the area.”
“Screw you, what the hell is Aleph doing in this region, I know you aren’t authorised for operations in Pan-Oceanian territory. I tell you what, let me get some footage of the enemy and I’ll make sure my report doesn’t dwell on that point.”
Checking with the Tac-net Uriel nodded at the war correspondent, he could always be dealt with after the battle.
As he prepared to take cover Uriel saw movement out of the corner of his eye, a blur of colour across the street briefly revealed a Nomad infiltrator which scanned a lone security guard before vanishing once again.
A signal rippled across the tac-net from the hidden Dasyu, “Sir, I believe the enemy has the access codes for the local net, I have already planted several network hubs for our use and I believe we should hurry if we want to stop this attack.”
Lining up his rocket launcher Uriel prepared for the assault. Suddenly the network on the right flank dropped out as the camouflaged Bandit appeared once more and destroyed the hub on that side of the area.

Jumping from body to body Uriel had no sight lines to the enemy, bringing up the optical feed from the Dasyu he watched as the sniper waited, unnaturally still hidden beneath his camouflage. Below the building the Dasyu had chosen as an observation point a Mobile Brigada slowly climbed a ladder to access a security console. Barely moving the Dasyu squeezed off a shot and the Brigada fell to the ground, blood flowing from the hole that had appeared in her helmet. Further away another an Alguacile scout lined up a targeting laser trying to blind the sniper while a second Brigada edged around the corner of a building aiming an HMG, before either could draw a bead two more shots rang out and both figures fell.
Distracted by the efficient kills of the Dasyu Uriel almost missed the figure aiming a flash pulse at him but managed to slam down a filter on his optics and shoot a rocket blasting the distant figure off the roof she stood on.
A plume of smoke combined with digital interference appeared near the felled Brigada with the heavy machine gun. As the smoke cleared Uriel and Teucer moved forward looking for stronger firing positions. Flashes of blinding light leapt out from the roof of a building, leaving both blinded for a few seconds. As his vision began to clear Uriel saw a figure drawing a bead on the warcor standing next to him. As the warcor prepared to flash the distant figure Uriel gently nudged him, causing his attempt to fail. As several bullets tore into the man’s body Uriel felt a small satisfaction.

Switching back to the Dasyus visual feed Uriel watched as the Sniper shot down the Alguacile that had just blinded him and then turn as the smoke cleared, revealing that a Daktari field medic had managed to patch up the Brigada. As the Brigada tried to stand up Gamma-325 placed another shot into him, leaving him bleeding out once more.
With no more active targets the Dasyus put two more shots into the unconscious Brigada by the security console, eliminating that threat.
On the right flank Ajax managed to damp down his rage long enough to walk around a corner to kill the Bandit infiltrator, as he stepped out a large glob of anti-riot glue hit him, tearing it away as if it were cobwebs Ajax strode forward two rifles blazing, killing the Bandit before he darted to the left towards a security console.
Moving quickly Ajax’s second in command, a Myrmidon Officer moved towards another security console in an effort to shore up the hub’s defences.
Teucer spoke up over the tacnet. “Warning, HMG is still active and his squad is moving on the security console, what does it take to kill this Bastard? Hold on, I have movement.” Switching to a private channel Teucer spoke directly to Uriel, “I have eyes on Senor Massacre, we can’t afford to lose Ajax, can you please deal with this before we see a repeat performance of your last mission?”
Uriel turned and stepped into the camouflaged body she had infiltrated earlier. Was she close enough now to do some damage? Stepping to the side she carefully aimed her shotgun at Senor Massacre. Firing, she hit him squarely in the chest and the shot from the blast knocked down the HMG wielding Brigada once more. Taking another step Uriel squeezed off another shot at the Daktari, leaving her bleeding on the ground. While this was happening several shots rang out across the field and Uriel watched the last two Brigadas fall to the Dasyus’ fire.
Roaring in rage Ajax walked forward, guns blazing sending shot after shot into Senor Massacre’s unconscious body. “Damn you Uriel, he was mine.”
Just in case there were more enemies hiding, Teucer directed a Dakini and the Myrmidon Officer to some consoles to ensure that security had not been compromised. As they prepared to leave the are a lone Alguacile made a mad dash for his objective but had barely traveled three steps before a hail of rockets and bullets tore his body to shreds.

As they left the area Uriel felt relief that they had managed to salvage a victory from the chaos. Hopefully this would help cleanse the shame Ajax felt for being bested by Senor Massacre, they had won the day but next time they might not be so lucky.

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