Kurage Crisis


Morat vs Ariadna B-Huts 300 Points

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Combined Army
VS Ariadna

Turn 1:
Ariadna took the first turn and worked themselves into a position where they could move into the Armory without taking much fire. The Morats responded by putting down a hail of fire though not many of the enemy dropped. Morats lose their hacker to a prone Ariadna model as the Morat, thus loosing their quickest way into the Armory. At the end of the turn each army is down a couple of models.

Turn 2:
Ariadna moves further into position laying down mines in a defensive pattern while Morats move up to blast open the door. Morats throw down plenty of fire while suffering mines detonating right in their face.

Turn 3:
Ariadna is in great position to continue to score points while the Morats need to make a last ditch effort to reclaim the Armory. An M-drone moves up and in its infinity remote wisdom proceeds to block access to the narrow gate. While it attempted to valiantly die in attempt to absorb all of the mines, it only fell unconscious. A Morat Haris of Engineers moved into the side door of the Armory to take control Despite their best efforts they did not take control of the enemy.

End Game:
Ariadna – 9
Morats – 0

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