Kurage Crisis


Morat vs Ariadna Annihilation 150 Points

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Combined Army
VS Ariadna

Ariadna takes first turn.
Morats deploy first.

Turn 1:
Ariadna Spetnaz drops his camo to throw fire onto a Morat HMG and Sniper. With enough orders and weight of fire, both Morat models go down. Morats are down to 6 models. Ariadna sneaks up a camo marker to drop off a mine in front of the remaining Yaogats. Both Yaogats decide to dodge, and both fail the dodge/armor save. Now the Morats are down to 4 models. Finally the Ariadna camo tokens move a last model into place dropping down two more mines. Things do not look great for the fireteam of Oznat, two Gakis, and one Preta. When the mines go off the Morat fireteam manages to dodge all incoming fire over several orders. All incomging fire included two chain rifles, flame throws, and two mines. The fireteam murders the mine throwing Aridna model, and finally move into some cover. At the end of turn 1, only two Morats remain against 6 Aridana models.

Turn 2:
Ariadna go on the move with two coordinated orders. The first drops one of the Gakis dead, which allows the Morat player a sigh of relief for fear that an Unconcious Gaki would explode! Oznat then makes a smoke dodge on a second Ariadna coordinated order providing some cover from the approaching models. With two orders left the Ariadna player drops down an intuitive attack on Oznat through the smoke and despite her best dodging effort, a 17 just does not make the cut of incoming Chain Rifle fire.

End of Game:
Ariadna – 6
Morat – 1

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