Kurage Crisis


Morat vs Ariadna Ops-Center 300

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Combined Army
VS Ariadna

Morat vs Ariadna – 300 Points

Kornak is seen in some of the images so please note that he was used as a stand in for a Daturazi Witch Solider.

Morats are forced to deploy first and choose to go first. So the fireteam core of witch soldiers runs up and takes the center objective throwing smoke grenades to blot out the vision of the Ariadna. Core team has support from a Yaogat sniper, engineer with Mk. 12, and a total react Q drone who is locking down the center. Throughout the turn only a few Ariadna models caught bullets to the face. On Ariadna’s turn they moved into position to toss a grenade at the core team, and after 4 orders, 3 witch soliders fail to dodge the incoming hail of shrapnel.

During the second turn both armies make advancements to murdering one another. A 112 doc made his way into a hail of Morat reactive fire yet manages to dodge enough incoming fire to live for a few moments more. The 112 attempts to revive his downed friend, and when successfully made the shot, causes his dear friend to succumb to his wounds.

By turn three both armies see the game is going to be close. Morats look to main control of the center objective, while Ariadna hopes to push forward and finish off the reaming 7 Morat units. Dr. Worm of the Combined Army fires a syringe at the downed engineer in hopes to revive him. With a successful roll the engineer is back in business and ready to lock down the far right side of the board with his Mk. 12. At the same time our Q-drone makes use of his legs, something it does not often do, moving into position to gun down the few remaining Ariadna models. Finally the Morats are in position to hold the central objective as Ariadna takes their final turn. It is in this active turn that Ariadna make a last ditch effort to take the game. Several units hug cover to avoid the Mk. 12, HMG, and random combi-rifle fire. Despite this effort the Morats win the game having taken out all Ariadna units but their Lt.

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