Kurage Crisis


Operation Broken Aardvark

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Del S
VS Ariadna

Nomad Turn One

The Corrigedor forces had a secondary objective to destroy a vehicle marked as a Press car, but in fact one of PanO's black ops vehicles used for cover during recon.

Massacre and his team moved, laying smoke down at first, then the mouthy mercenary being KO'd attacking two foxtrots and a Minuteman HMG. The Bandit rushed up, KO'ing a Foxtrot but being crit KO'd by the other.

The Wildcats advanced, killing the other Foxtrot with their Spitfire, before advancing on the "Press" car and destroying it.

Ariadna Turn One

The Marauder Mlotok Crit KO'd the wildcat leader, and the Number 2 took over. The Maraudertok then KO'd the spitfire and another regular Wildcat over 2 orders. The Marauders then shot down one of the armoury doors, but almost missed it. A Grunt entered the Armour as the Marauders kept advancing, an Algacil Paramedic KO'd before his luck ran out, an engagement with a Wildcat and a regular Alguacil KO'ing him.

The Minutemen rushed the armoury, securing it.

Nomads Turn Two

The Tomcat Doctor arrived, moving to revive the Alguacil paramedic via his Zondcat. He tried to then use his medikit to revive the Spitfire Wildcat, but the 'cat was too severely wounded.

Massacre stood back up, reforming his team as the Engineer opened the three remaining gates. The Chain Rifle Jaguar rushed the Armoury, KO'ing the grunt, but being KO'd himself, and all the Minutemen somehow dodging his chain rifle.

Ariadna Turn Two

The 112 ran out, as a Marauder survived a hit from an Alguacil. The 112 revived the downed Molotok Marauder, and their Haris then reformed. The Molotok then killed the Wildcat Number 2, before rampaging to KO an Alguacil, the Tomcat Doctor, and forcing the Paramedic to dive for cover, before gunning down one more Alguacil.

The Marauders then attacked the Light Shotgun Jaguar, to no effect on their first try, but killed him on a second go. One of the Marauders then moved to use his flamethrower to attack the Wildcat Engineer and Massacre. The Engineer dodged, as Massacre KO'd the Marauder with his Breaker Combi, but was killed by the flames.

Nomads Turn Three

A Tomcat arrived, attacking but not harming the Marauders. Forming a Spearhead, with the Engineer Wildcat and 2 Alguacils backing him up, they attacked the Rifle, who survived unharmed, the Molotok also surviving the Wildcat's flamethrower. That Wildcat, however, was incinerated by the AROs from the Minutemen.

The LT tried to attack the Marauders, but was KO'd. The Tomcat rushed them, flamethrower KO'ing the Rifle Marauder, and surviving two hits from the pair.

Ariadna Turn Three

The Minuteman HMG killed the Tomcat, before moving to Crit KO the Paramedic. He then opted to gun down the last Alguacil, tabling the remaining Nomads.

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