Kurage Crisis


Kommstat dispute

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VS Haqqislam

Victor Dorokhov’s personal journey entry #268
“We needed to secure our communication network to coordinate our defenses against the alien invaders, so I was assigned to form a small team to secure the Kommstat that our intelligence knew was under heavy assault.
So we headed there and setup a camp near an antenna field. We were trying to make contact with the Nomads in the area, when one of our scouting grunts, Mike, made contact with some Hassassins that had just arrived. Mike gave his best, trying to fend of the first wave of enemies, but was wounded and barely made it alive at the end. ”

Hassassin turn 1

His Muttaw’ia did his job and managed to be in an annoying position, killing my infiltrated grunt. He advanced Tarik and the Lasiq to contest and guard the objective in the center of the table, and later realized he was too far away from the antenna to contest it. Tarik and the Lasiq tried to discover my AP HMG Tankhunter and failed, but still I made the wrong choice to reveal him when Tarik was outside cover, and Tarik was able to deal a wound to it…

[I’ll be finishing the BR shortly… 🙂 ]

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