Kurage Crisis


Crits Happen

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VS Nomads

I won the lt. roll and chose to go first (as you do when running for supplies), and got a couple of good rolls to infiltrate a heavy flamer grunt and Uxia, one to be a pain to deploy on one side of the board and the other to try to clear the table of the krazy koalas and hopefully a specialist or maybe the TR bot. But I got a little too greedy and decided to split too much of Uxia's burst, so she met her demise without inflicting a single wound. I advanced with both my Mavericks to grab the objectives, but only one of them was able to snatch a supply box and run back to an open position, partly because I chose to put them both on the same team on the list.
Before my first turn was over, I moved an HMG tankhunter to an advantageous position to fight the TR bot, stacking a bunch of negative modifiers, but the tankhunter died to a couple of crits and that was my first turn, with nothing on his side killed and a bunch of my guys down..
He managed to kill the Maverick and steal my supply box and get rid of most of my specialists that were in the middle of the table.
When I had a chance to try to swing things around, I advanced my Spetsnaz to put some pressure on his specialists, but he failed to connect any hits. I advanced with my last irmandinho trying to plant a D-charge to complete my classified, but he didn't make it. I moved the assault pack a little to get closer for the final round and tried to set up some ARO pieces.
On his next turn my opponent kept the pressure with airborne support and pinned down my Spetsnaz in a corner. He protected both supply boxes he had and advanced with his puppets.
At this point I was almost in retreat and tried a last minute effort to at least take a supply box from him with the Assault pack, but between jammers and direct ARO treats they didn't do anything. At some point my Spetsnaz died to another critical hit and I called the end of the game, with just some line kazaks, volunteers and the Assault pack handler there was no point in trying anything.

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  • FrKn Zenon Berg says:

    Getting too greedy is where I lose a lot of my games too 🙁 Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write this up!

    – Father Knight Zenon Berg