Kurage Crisis


Witch Soldiers vs The Perfect Warrior

Combined Army

The Witch Soldiers raced forward; to the untrained eye, a group of out-of-control berserkers. To their Morat allies, a fearsome group of warriors, letting their rage guide them. Their target had been spotted earlier on, a golden-haired giant of a man, who cut down swaths of morat combatants. Combat intel retrieve identified him as Achilles, chief among the enemies of the EI. To the Witch Soldiers, he was a test of their prowess.
Moving to his last known location, they tactically deployed smoke. Their intel indicated that while he was a fearsome warrior, he was not equipped with optical enhancing equipment. Spotting aathe hated android construct in the distance, the Daturazi screeched, and charged forward, ready to prove themselves.
In the distance, a lone remote observed the resulting carnage. The horde of Daturazi washed against the Aleph warrior. Blades flashing, it shrugged off wounds that would kill most organics, and systematically dispatched its enemies. In the end, only one witch soldier remained, squaring off against the Aleph Juggernaut. Blades raised, they clashed for the final time, ending with the Daturazi standing above its fallen foe. Several hacks with its scimitar, and the golden haired head was raised above the Daturazi, as it roared its victory to the sky.

The game's drink and MVP

Round 1. I won the roll and chose to go first. Most of my first turn was running all of my war bands to his side of the board, and putting them in positions he would have to blow orders digging them out. I chose not to engage achilles initially with my daturazi, I didn't think it would go so well, but i felt confident I could hopefully just ARO him and get some bad armor rolls. I managed to root out one of his Nagas, and moved my rodok HMG up under cover of smoke to a commanding Suppressive fire position.

On his turn, luck was on my side, and my Daturazi managed to put some wounds on achilles. Only one could chain rifle, but 2 managed to dodge engage on him, and the resulting crits knocked him to NWE. With his remaining orders he moved some units to try to dislodge my Oznat Link.

Round 2 - Well, luck was on my side and with 2 good rolls I managed to rid the Sphere of Aleph’s golden haired posterboy. It left my group one pretty well out of orders, but group two was pretty ok, so I dropped a Razyat and cleaned up what I could of his backline. When he inevitably went down, I was able to move up with the remainder of my Oznat Link and take out a few more.

By that point, since he was running a 10 order list, I had put him in LoL and Retreat (Killed his Myrm Officer whilst killing achilles).

Smoke tokens removed at the end of my turn, but my Oznat Link has been moved up to threaten his Dakini and potentially his hacker.
Datz moving up for what ended up being most of their deaths.
After talking this pic, I decided it was better to move them all forward, and just hope their chain rifle AROs or engages to be enough.

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