Kurage Crisis


Operation Al Fresco

VS PanOceania
A Highlight early game was pushing Uxia up with a boarding shotgun / assault pistols
An early pass by a specialist scores a point.
They would be bogged down nearly all game passing each other's ARM checks.
A sharp late game flanking maneuver would lead to one very dead Spetsnaz but a passed check on the right antennae, and some successful med checks by PanO but a lack of orders for him to push them up to contest.
By the end of the game a lone foxtrot managed to survive, mostly because PanO didn't have enough orders to physically contest and focused more shooting things off the table that could control
The knight had won the knife battle but had lost the war

Somewhere deep within the Rodina

"Former Colonel Sithi Masters please take a seat." the imposing officer pointed towards a lonely chair next to a desk under a lamplight.

The man took that seat. He looked ragged and exhausted beyond all reason, a true sign of a native of Dawn. Staying off the radar after the Wotan campaign had made him even more disheveled in the presence of the practically cosmopolitan Rodina and TAK high command.

"To be honest we all thought you weren't up for command after your supposed death on La Forja."

Masters sneered, "La Forja was a close one. Many of us perished when it was scuttled, but this is Dawn we're talking about. Our planet, I wouldn't say no to coming back for that."

"Then tell us how your operation went."

"It was a tough one. Black Ops in PanO operational territory is never easy. Even though we're hitting them from all sides we only barely managed to make it through and activate those communication Antennas."

He nodded in approval, "Yet we managed to control the Tech-Coffin despite losing control of one of the Antennas."

"Those Veteran Kazaks are something else. Never seen a man go toe to toe with those PanO knights in a knife fight before for an entire operation. Just a shame those knights managed to get an edge."

"Casualties?" the officer asked.

"High." Masters curly replied, "we made them pay for each one in return but we all know PanO can just cube those religious fanatics and bring them back. So frankly too many casualties on our end."

"I see..." the officer pondered his next question.

"Overall mission status report then?"

"...A tactical victory sir, a tactical victory for Dawn."

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  • Hoffbauer says:

    Great write-up! Would be helpful to get a brief play-by-play of like, a couple of sentences of what happened each round to get an idea of how the game unfolded.