Kurage Crisis


Incursion in Duban

Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam
Kay Kar Parsi

IC introduction

After the incursion of an Haqqislam force in the Zhan Huo Bunker, Crane Agent Ling ordered a stealth mission in the Haqqislam facility of Duban on Novyy Cimmeria. It would have to be a Limited Insertion just to gather intel on what the Haqqislamit command wanted to do in our bunker.

Agent Ling asked the more stealthy units to go first supported by some heavy fire power in case the mission went wrong, and guess what... It went totally wrong.

As soon as the party entered the facility, they were greeted by a strong defense unit equiped with some of the finest technology in detecting optical camouflage, they had no other choice than staying hidden and waiting for the ennemi to scatter and come in range.
Every ennemi must be killed in order to cover this incursion in Haqqislamit territory and prevent retaliation...

OOC report

I played against Kay and his Haqq again, this time it was his turn to chose the location of our battle, and since we were playing at his place and he has a great Haqqislam themed table the choice was evident.

I won the Lieutenant roll and chose the deployement, he chose to begin the Firefight. He deployed every troopers in his right side of the table, leaving the left side totally unoccupied. He had a core team of Djanbazan all equiped with MSV2... bad news for my heavy camo list, a killer hacker, a doc with two helper bots, an Iguana and two Yuan Yuan.
I deployed mostly on the same side of with the Guilangs and a mine near his core team, the Daofei and the Zanshi hacker in the middle near his HVT and the Yan Huo and Rui Shi on the opposite side. Fearing an impersonator I took a Bao with Biometric Visor but sadly there was none except the killer hacker with cybermask. which he ended not using because of the visor (Yey !!)

My deployement
His deployement
The Djanbazan core team holding their position
The hacker and doc hiddig in and on the building

He began his first turn by dropping the two Yuan Yuan, one near my Guilang minelayer who decided to reveal and drop a mine at the Yuan Yuan's feet. The other in the middle in order to cover the Djanbazan with smoke.
His Yuan Yuan moved and fired a Chain Rifle in my Guilang's face hitting and destroying the mine near the panoply in the process. The Guilang failed his dodge but passed his ARM roll, the Yuan Yuan passed the ARM roll against the mine.
He threw smoke with the other one and moved his core team to get a shot through smoke at my Yan Huo which he managed to drop uncouncious, then he moved the team near the panoply and managed to loot with two guys (a Djanbazan and the Yuan Yuan).
End of his first turn I felt pretty bad, he killed my Yan Huo who was also the Datatracker...

The two Yuan Yuan dropping
The Yan Huo getting killed by a Djanbazan HMG

My first turn I moved the Shaolin near his core team and fired my Chain Rifle, he forgot that the Shaolin was armed with such a weapon so every member of his team shot at him instead of dodging and the Yuan Yuan fired his chain rifle too. I dropped two dudes uncouncious in the process and the Shaolin died.
The second Shaolin had to cross the table to try and do the same and he achieved it killing the two uncouncious an other dude and the Yuan Yuan.
Then I moved my Guilang minelayer to have a shot at the HMG Djanbazan and dropped him uncouncious. At this point only the Sniper remained alive, so I revelaed my Hac Tao and did a coordinated with the the two Guilangs and the Hac Tao to shoot the Sniper and dropped him uncouncious.
With the orders left I moved the Daofei in close combat with the Iguana... and then I watched the Daofei profile and discovered that he was quiet bad at close combat... Seriously CB stop doing minis with sword unsheathed if they are bad at CC....

Score at the end of first turn Haqq 2 (datatracker and panoply) YJ 3 (specialist in the core team and lieutenant).

The Mighty Monk unleashing his "Zen" on the core team
Hac Tao and guilang shooting the sniper
The Daofei forgetting he didn't know how to use a sword...

My opponent started his second turn in loss of lieutenant and with only three orders left... But he achieved to make profits of those few...
He moved a helper bot to the sniper without getting killed by the Hac Tao and healed the sniper on second try (with use of a command token) and with the TAG order he dealt one wound to the Daofei. He also achieved one classified by healing the sniper.

On my turn I re-killed the sniper (uncouncious), moved a Guilang on a panoply and looted once, and achieved the HVT:espionnage classified with my Zanshi hacker.

Score at the end of turn two Haqq 3 YJ 4

The Guilang looting the panoply

His last turn was quiet efficient, he finished the Daofei and moved his TAG in order to kill one Guilang with his HMG and the other with a heavy flamethrower. He also re-healed the sniper but this time letting him prone on the balcony to avoid him getting killed a third time. He killed a lot of points with few orders and that was bad for me...

On my turn I moved the Rui Shi to a first panoply and looted it, then moved to a second one and looted again. I managed to do the secure HVT too.

The score at the end of the game was a tight fit... Haqqislam had 5 points (killing the datatracker 1, killing more points 3 and a classified 1), and I had 6 points (killing more lieutenant 2, looting more panoplies 1, killing more specialist , secure HVT 1 and a classified 1)

It was a great and bloody game, we were both surprised of the final score with him having a three order turn in Loss of Lieutenant and still achieving to make this much point overall.

Secure HVT
The battlefield at the end of the game

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