Kurage Crisis


Engagement authorised

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VS Haqqislam

Asura 909: Retreating from equatorial Dawn, please advise on next location.
ALEPH: Reinforce DAWN-01 Aplekton.

ALEPH: Intelligence improved; Haqqislam alliance with Nomad Nation confirmed.
ALEPH: Engagement with Haqqislam forces now authorised.
Asura 909: Authorisation confirmed. Travel to DAWN-01 Aplekton underway


Naga Sniper: Enemy movements detected. Sekban harris on our left, with hacker and TR HMG remote toward centre. Odalisque core fireteam on our right flank, with HMG djanbazan and second TR HMG remote.

Asura 909: ALL forces take defensive positions.
Asura 909: Davanas, with me on the right flank. Naga sniper and zayin occupy central building. Sophotect, take central position with the daleth. Dakini and naga forward observer, hold the left flank.


Naga sniper: AD troopers arriving, conservative locations. Yuan yuan are moving forward on battlefield.
Zayin: Engaged with HMG. No result.
Naga Forward Observer: Sekban harris moving forward. Probable aim to secure supplies.
Asura 909: Do not engage. Hold flank, we are prioritising central and right flank supplies.
Naga Forward Observer: Sekban harris have secured supplies.

Garuda spitfire: arrival imminent, requesting orders.
Asura 909: Engage TR remote on right flank at mid range.
Garuda spitfire: Order preformed. TR HMG destroyed.
Asura 909: Sniper; engage other TR remote at long range.
Naga sniper: Surprise, range and camo negated resistance [-12 mod :P], TR HMG threat removed.
Naga Forward Observer: laying mine.
Asura 909: Daleth, dakini and davanas; advance with myself. [co-ordinated order]
Asura 909: Daleth, Garuda and davanas; advance with myself. [co-ordinated order]
Daleth: tech-coffin reached.
Asura 909: Daleth, retrieve supplies and retreat.
Asura 909: Dakini, dalet, naga forward observer and garuda; suppressing fire. [last command token]
Asura 909: initiating program *cybermask*success* [Lt order]

Garuda takes out TRbot in good spitfire range.
Sniper does similar
Defensive positions on right flank. The blue bead represents supplies held by ALEPH.

Turn 2

Naga Forward Observer: Enemy taking aggressive action. Yuan yuan is bringing chain rifl-
Garuda spitfire: Similar on right flank. Yuan yuan dow- [both yuan yuan got suicide kills with chain rifles]
Daleth: being engaged by odalisque fireteam. Hologram detected. Hafsa with heavy roc-
Naga Sniper: being engaged, hafza down.
Naga Sniper: Djanbazan neutralised while engaging zayin. Zayin down.
Naga Sniper: Djanbazan active! Self healing techno-

Asura 909: assault survived with losses sustained [4 orders left!]. Focus on defense and retrieving supplies. Sophotect; send Yudbot to repair zayin and retrieve supplies from daleth.
Sophotect: Moving... Repair complete... Supplies retrieved [3 orders]
Asura 909: Moving to engage djanbazan at short range. Kill confirmed.
Garuda boarding shotgun: aggressive position not possible [scattered], reinforcing dakini on left flank.

Sophotect takes 3 orders to do eerthing I needed her to.
Asura being terrifying, with a combi rifle.
Sophotect (now with supplies) in a worring position (next to HVT). Dakini, in suppressive fire and bedind poor visibility plus saturation (so -12 to BS) covering the approach though.

Turn 3

Zayin: Odalisques advancing. One neutralised and one wounded.
Dakini: Being engaged... Threat neutralised.
Dakini: Sekban advancing to eliminate sophotect. Threat neutralised and sophotect secure.
Dakini: hacker advancing toward HVT. Headshot. Hacker down.
Asura 909: Odalisques engaging, zayin provide support. [2 more odalisques die, asura 909 passes one armour roll].

Asura 909: securing supplies... Complete
Asura 909: Dakini; advance and recover supplies.
Dakini: Advancing... Engaging remaining sekban... neutralised, supplies secure... inoculating high value target.

My dakini advanced from behind the trees and handily took down the sekban holding supplies (red bead) and went for a classified (being a paramedic). I did not have another order to pick up the supplies though.

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