Kurage Crisis


Meeting with the recreated

VS PanOceania

Evgeniy Corregidor – PanOceania Kyle Katarn
DataTrackers: Corregidor – Wildcat, Joan of Arc -PanOceania.
I won initiative roll and gave opponent 1st turn
I see 1 group and limit opponent’s coordinate orders. Since there’s only 8 models, Hidden deployment and AD is expected.
Because of expecting my opponent to focus on mission, deploy Alguaciles fireteam to protect Tech-coffin with Alguacile witm missile launcher on roof. Another time to regret about lack of minelayers in Corregidor
1st turn – PanOceania
Opponens attacks alguacil with ML, as expected. 2 orders were used to make Nisse sniper to lose firefight and get to uncon due to camobandit’s critical roll. Then Kamau sniper is joining firefight, winning it – making both Alg ML and bandit into uncon. After that Acalis with spitfire drops on his left flank, starting killing alguaciles. After making 2 of them uncon, he runs behind container then Jeanne by using leutenant order as coordinated, making Akalis, Jeanne, Father-Knight and machinist going in supressive stance.
1st turn – Corregidor
Losses aren’t critical but perceptible. Hidden deployment’s location is still unknown, but Swiss with HMG was expected. I mist make him reveal himself. Also will try to maximixe orders pool with doctor/
I activate Jaguar on Roof, making Swiss to appear. Jaguar dodges with smokes, but fails, going uncon by loosing armor save. Then Intruder reveals as camo, dealing 2 wounds to Swiss. Then Doc with servant starts running and healing. Starting with Jaguar, then bandit with Combirifle and mines, then alguacil behind building (FO) and ML alguacile. Remake fireteam, drop Hellcat paramed in enemy’s de[loy and knock out TechBee. Then Wildcat harris runs toward center of map
Losses partially recovered, but there’s still paratrooper in my deployment zone, and Jeanne, covered by sniper.
2st turn – PanOceania
Traumadoc runs to Nisse, but on ARO from Bandit tries to dodge instead of healing and fails it to uncon. Then trooper kills FO Alguacile and gets into crossfire with ML Alguacile and HMG intruder. Fails both firefights, saves (17-19-20) from missile, bud dies from intruder’s pistol, losing both saves. Rest of the orders are spent to move Jeanne, warcor, fatherknight and machinist to better position and get to supress.
2st turn – Corregidor
Opponend has few orders left, but there are specialists to be taken out.
I activate harris and get fathernight to uncon in place that favors my hidden objective, but have no order to get them to safety. KHD bandit is activated in marker state, moving to antenna, then classified objective (Data Scan), using 3 orders.
Situation is dire, I can’t stop Jeanne and kill sniper, if she takes tech-coffin, opponent wins.
3st turn – PanOceania
Kamau sniper kills just-healed bandit, then, using coordinate orders, Jeanne, Machinist and warcor are moved to tech-coffin, after securing it kills spitfire wildcat with crit. No orders left.
3st turn – Corregidor
Since only one who can kill Jeanne is Alguacile with ML, I consider option of getting wildcat datatracker to coffin, making it a win, or securing 2nd antenna with paramed hellcat to make it draw.
ML Alguacile was healed only to die in firefight with Jeanne. KHD bandit sneaks in prone on the roof, killing machinist with normal roll, but getting into uncon from Kamau, with normal roll too. All rest of orders (including hiss leutenant’s) are spent to getwildcat datatracker into base contact with tech-coffin, making sure no one secures it.
Corregidor 2 – 0 PanOceania

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